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nicko longabaugh
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My biggest issue is that Mr Brainwash's art is so obviously linked to Banksy. I get that you can be a filmmaker and a photographer and a documentary maker and even a writer (I have been all of those things). But the visual medium of street art ... and , more to the point, the arresting, shock comedy of the work is not something you can just kind of flick a switch and turn on, as it appeared happened in the film. I suspect the actual guy who is Mr Brainwash is real, and yes, he did once own a vintage clothes shop, and even, yes, he did film lots of footage of street artists. But when he suddenly transforms into LA's version of banksy, churning out so many works of art, mixing pop culture, social themes, shock images, etc etc etc ... that is so Banksy it's not funny. I've walked the streets of inner Melbourne, Australia, for years, watching local artists trying to be the new Banksy and very few get even close to the humour and commentary that he brings to the artform. His wit is what sets him apart and was very evident in the LA show depicted. That's why I'm dubious about Mr Brainwash. I think he should be Mr Handpuppet ... which I'm totally cool with. It's still a brilliant piece of work by Banksy: just to have all of us wondering. And I must admit, I walked out of the theatre, suspecting he was Banksy in disguise.
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Jan 10, 2011