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Smoke weed eryday
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PS....Smoke weed everyday
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I think this is the first time Ive read the comments and everyone is agreeing with each other...T-Pain Sucks auto tune blows 90% of hip hop now is watered down shit....They need to come with that energy that was there in the late 90's early 2000's...Goodbye T-Bag I hope sales stay low till your old so we dont have to hear anything else from your auto tune ass
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I used to look foward to the pulse report every week for i dont even know how long..Back when it was the facts and not the authors views on the facts...The opinions should be left to the comments..I dont use twitter but every week i read this thing its a bunch of sfhm lmao lol change the name from pulse report to flatline shit, this column losts its pulse a long time ago and its shit....go tweet your done no one likes it no more
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Jun 4, 2010
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Jun 4, 2010