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City of Rye
Citizen of Rye
Interests: Community, Education, Government and Citizenship
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I have been to 3 Rye High School Graduations and find moving the the 2020 graduation ceremony to any other city more than "insane." It is deeply disrepectful to students, parents, families and neighbors. Considering this break in tradition is due to a problem scheduling field repairs makes one question the Board's real academic priorities and management skills. Of course these matters bring us back to the $80 million bond measure which won by the narrowest of margins and sought to make "turf" work costs appear de minimis and essential. Not! In sum, Rye High School's Athletic Field is the only appropriate location for the Rye High School Graduation of the Class of 2020. Go Garnets! Go away all pathetic excuses for progress.
BAD LUCK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! To: Brian Hayes What you describe as "essentially random bad luck," is basically bad record-keeping. The late fees should be absorbed by the party responsible for sending the tax bill to the wrong party, at the wrong time! Now that Rye and its Board of Education have received an $80million dollar commitment from the majority of its voting citizens, it owes all its residents, longtime and brand new, the highest level of fiduciary responsibility for educational excellence and fiscal management. Welcome to Rye. -Nicholas Schiavone
With all due respect to the headline writer, the Rye School Bond Vote outcome was more of a "MAYBE, MAYBE, MAYBE." Going forward, the Rye School Board has a fiduciary responsibility to its students and all Rye taxpayers to see the funds entrusted to them are wisely spent and carefully managed. For example, was the current "new" high school football field adequately cared for over the years? And what exactly will be done with what appears to be an extraordinary capital reserve fund? Superintendent of Schools Eric Byrne, Ed.D. must leave an academic legacy beyond raisings funds and spending money to promote a Capital Bond Vote.
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Jun 13, 2019