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Nick Stockton
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Dude! I think you just sold out to the Man, but I couldn't be happier for you. Solid pay and good benefits bring some piece of mind which is definitely good for the soul. Btw, I heard a rumor that you're a silly pants, and I totally believe it!
"Do you have any cheese aged over one year?" No! But I can leave this cheese here, and you can come back in twelve months. And I hope that person got their salad sauce!
I think you've made a great decision. Congratulations! I'm really excited for you. As a bonus, here's a David Lynch article (with videos) I just found!
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2012 on Here Goes Nothing/Everything at Sparkwood & 21
ps: Where can I find video of your Modest Needs TV appearences? (and, where you say: "increased MN's FB users..." take out the dates, they just mirror your employment length) TTFN!
G Spice! Some thoughts: -Under Modest Needs "Single Handedly" you say: increased blog readers from 14 to 115 a day, a 112% increase. This is more than a 500% increase!!! But, I might leave this point out altogether; 115 blog readers sounds unimpressive. -Also, your bullet points in this section/sub-section all begin with lower case letters, which I'm not sure about. -You've gotten some good press over the years...and been quoted in Forbes!!! I wish your resume reflected this...You're a freakin' ground breaker, let potential employers know about it!
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Nov 18, 2011