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Or just grab the trailer if the whole thing is too nauseating:
The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go. This doesn't mean that the parent decides how the child should go but the force of it is that you initiate the child and speed him along his own path. There's wisdom in the Hebrew concept there that every child is different. Esau was a big game hunter but Isaac was a bookish man. And there's freedom for all parties concerned - self, parents, siblings - in recognizing that and being able to verbalize it.
As someone who is newer to the industry and learning the ropes, I find there is a lot of invaluable advice here. Much of it is just stuff we all should have learned from mom and dad about attitude and treating people well. A lot of it I wish I knew before I went out and registered my own world-class collection of pigeon droppings!
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Aug 4, 2010