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Mar 15, 2010
I have set my PVR accordingly: Channel 4, 14 January, 22:10
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2009 on Could you eat an elephant? at David Barrie
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I appreciated your thoughtful reflections on some of the arguments in this area. The key observation in the discussion of political strategy and tactics was the 'reductio ad absurdam' "Why not also boycott the stores in your neighborhood in which cigarettes are sold?". Today the tactic of boycotting something has become the default response to many political situations. But there is no evidence that it works. Many would cite the apparent success South Africa-related boycotts, but it is more likely that a combination of political and industrial militancy paved the way for the end of Apartheid, and the end of the Cold War and the successful political transition in Namibia indicated that power could be safely passed to the the black leadership. The naivety of many design radicals is demonstrated by their lack of awareness even of the concept of strategy and tactics, and their inability to engage in a mature and informed reflection on the lessons of history that should flow from this.
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