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If you're asking me, then the answer is that political tribalism plays a role but far less today than it did under our fathers' PLP (and FNM). Tribalism or no, young Bahamians are disadvantaged more than any other group of Bahamians for the reasons I mentioned above. They are our most qualified and best educated group of Bahamians and the most underemployed, for many of the above reasons. The rest of us are stuck on the Stafford Sands model of our economy; they have moved beyond that. We have yet to design the society in which they have their place.
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There are a number of qualified young Bahamians who cannot find a job in this country -- but the problem is far less likely to be immigrants holding those jobs and far more likely to be the pervasive and general lack of vision throughout this nation, which has not invested, either on a public or a private scale, in industries other than real estate, banking, finance, and the ubiquitous tourism. There is a knowledge and skills gap at work which means that those young Bahamians who have qualifications that would enable them to work in/invest in/develop other sectors of the economy -- for instance, marine science fuelled by agencies other than mega-resorts, for instance, or sustainable development, or agriculture, or maritime law, or international relations, or the cultural industries, or scientific research, or aeronautical studies, or cyber studies, or any of the other thousands of industries we do not make room for in our nation -- those young Bahamians are unemployed and even unemployable in our country. And the difference between them and the generation before: they are not going into teaching. Instead, they are leaving. It's not the expatriates who are at fault here; rather, it's the generation of Bahamians who think that the world stops where it did when they came of age in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Immigration is the symptom. Our small minds are the problem.
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Charmaine, you can add to the highlights the pleasure of meeting in person the people whose words you follow around cyberspace. It was so great to meet you in person, burnt-umber hair and all! Nicolette
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May 16, 2012