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Thanks BiM, I've had some of the best conversations on here with you. all the best to you as well, and though I try to stay far away from facebook, I hope to bump into you there. Cheers !
James I've been following you so long, I have no idea when I started, at least 2 years if not 3-4. I'll pay some closer attention on Facebook, I have a fairly busy profile myself so I'll bump up your posts in my feed. All the best, God's blessings to you and your family.
I thought it was profound, and so I had to share. You know me, my two cents always get thrown in when our Creator is the subject.
now that the man is exposed, people in wisconsin can boycott his business and let it fail like some banks should have.
this is what pisses me off about democrats, I mean come on, disagree with him but don't treat him like $#it, he is your president and he deserves your respect. I disagree with him on issue, but you don't see me talking about him like he is some dutty street kid
Maddie Saukville, such an amazing post. Kudos. I kind of see where Derek is coming from on the money being not really yours, thats the problem with fiat currency, the value is based on things other than substance. but by that same logic, why work to do anything since the government screws you in the end, which is why people like me from different countries look at the tea party folks and we sympathize deeply. Fair taxes, or flat taxes would be an amazing tool to impeding the growth of governemnt. Unfortunately that won't happen in your country until the vast majority of people come to understand the problem with taxes, and with these Bush era tax cuts. If they targeted single folks, not businesses earning over a quarter million, I doubt most of us would bat an eye. But the simple fact that small businesses are lumped into this pool, it shows the lack of substantial thought by progressives in your government. I suggested a few days ago to make tax hikes political, ie progressives and liberals would be subject to them and no one esles. I stand by that joke, which makes more and more sense to me every day.
Thanks James, I was being a bit irreverant but in its own way it does make sense
if the tax cuts were at a higher echelon than $250 000 I don't think most of us would have as much problem with it. Problem is a shit load of small businesses fall in that bracket and that doesn't help them when they are struggling already. Energy has gone up, food has gone up, gas has gone up, and all of this affects all of us. Don't just eliminate tax cuts for those making millions make them pay more, for a limited time. Maybe tax rates should be determined by your political beliefs. If you are liberal pay more because you believe the government can psend your money better than you, and if you are conservative or libertarian then you should be exempt ... wouldn't that be fair ?
Happy Thanksgiving my American brethren. Derek I hope you truly understand what the video is showcasing, it doesn't supplant the story of Thanksgiving, it completes it.
big surprise there, who didn't know the health care bill was worthless ?
Ive got to be honest with all of you, and I say no. He has a different approach, but his presidency has at least 2 more years left. Whether he leaves a stain on the presidency will be determined by how he conducts himself now that he doesn't have legislative control of congress. He can rise to the occassion or fall and be guilty of tarnishing the office
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2010 on Stained at The National Conversation (Raw)
well then Wes, educate us, what separates Olbermann making false accusations and half heartedly apologizing and Bill O doing the same thing and offering semi sincere apologies ?
James that was so rich, it was such a good laugh, too bad restoring sanity and/or fear didn't equal restoring intelligence
I think Stewarts rally failed in its primary concept, to entertain. I was excited to hear Cat Stevens, and having Colbert interrupt him for some cheesy high school skit was a waste of my time. you want to be apolitical and irreligious - thats cool with me, but make it fun, and not just for the nerds there but for those of us watching. too much unfunny comedy makes me angry.
I agree Maddypie, James did contribute greatly. I heard most of it, but I had some kind of error in the last half of the program and it stopped playing.
that was so saddening and disappointing James, I swear the entire NJEA must be made up of Canadians
James I have to admit this is one of the best election ads I have ever seen in my entire life. Incredibly well done.
I happen to believe that regulations are a larger burden and impediment to job creation than taxes. Currently uncertainty with taxes is a big issue, but historically it is regulations and bureaucracy that hamper more job creation.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on Losing The Future at The National Conversation (Raw)
Ok so Derek isn't listening and Karl can't come up with a decent rebuttal, par for the case when I engage lefties often but Derek I know you are capable of more. Derek you disappoint me more than anyone else here because I know you ar capable of rational thought and discussion. And pretty much most of what you said is pure bullshit. If you truly think what you state about the tea party people, then there is little hope for your country. If you can't reconcile the ideological divide then you are doomed to civil war at worst or complete separation and dissolution of your union at best. If you can't take the word of hundreds of thousands of people at a time stating their views why should they treat you and yours any different ? If you want to change the way your country operates and behaves you have to start with yourself. You have to be reasonable, you have to exemplify good character. So far the only group I see doing this is the tea party, not the republicans and not the democrats. I've never been to a tea party but I have watched hours of footage from various events. Enough to have a handle on how they operate and who is there. I'm not saying the tea party has no fringe but the people involved know the only issue that unites them all is your failure of a government (which has been a failure long before Obama became president). you might as well give up and move, unless you are willing to fight for the things you believe in because something tells me this is what it is going to have to come to.
ok Karl that wasn't much of an argument. Its not like Beck did worse than Schultz, and I'm not talking about turn out I'm talking about astro turfing. I'm not a huge Beck fan but I have developed some respect for him in the last 6 months I never had for him before. but his rally was more spiritual than political, as opposed to those attempting to prove they can do it also, like Colbert and Stewart and Shultz's attempt. In short what the tea aprty folks do and what the right has done is no different form what the left has attempted with limited success. Don't hate cause you can't compete, think up a new strategy and call me in the morning son.
so Derek, despite many people attending Tea PArty rallies, James included, all claiming that they are concerned about govenrment largesse, its all smoke and mirrors and every one of these people is lying ? I can't buy that. No movement is strong enough to keep its goals secret while publicly espousing different goals, well maybe other than Planned Parenthood, but at least we know what their goals are, even if many of their supporters do not and they aren't a movement so much as a business. the tea Party isn't an offshoot of the republican party, it causes trouble for the republican establishment. If the Tea Party didn't involve independants and democrats, I might see where you are going with this, but ... C'mon Son, you know that even if elemnts of the party are what you claim, that there is a whole heaping shitload of people drawn to the tea party because of their individual concern. for the sake of argument I will concede that there may be some element of the group that doesn't believe the tea party rhetoric, but if I use that same line of logic, then the same can be said about any rally group or gathering. I was at a pro israel rally in Toronto about 4 or 5 years ago, and I saw some truly hateful signs among the majority at the anti-israel rally. If I used the logic you use to condemn the tea party folks, then the same would be true about anti- israel, pro hamas, pro hizb'ullah folks. I think some of them were bigots, but despite the prevalence of ignorant, hateful and evil signs that dwarfed the rumoured and doctored photos of the many tea party rallies signs, I don't for a second think most, even the pro hamas, were as hateful or bigoted as the signs and chants suggested. I'm loosing my train of thought here, got work to do be back to finish later
this brings me to my opinion of the anti tea party echo chamber. Some people simply don't care enough to learn on their own and digest the negative spin directed at the Tea Party folks and regurgitate inaccurate inferences as to the tea party make up. I think most people who dislike the tea party fall into this line of reaosning. the second group take the time to investigate the tea party, and because they aren't fringe enough or eccentric enough to just dismiss, they engage in intellectually dishonest rhetoric about what amounts to a number of citizens upset over the governments handling of its finances. The only issue the tea party folks hit at time and agian from state to state is the government and its mismanagement of funds. Now one could dislike the tea party because one's opinion is that the government is the best at fixing social issues, or at fixing the various problems our society faces, but I never hear anyone take that reasonable position (one I disagree with but to believe such a position is not crazy). I think Chris falls somewhere between the second and third category I spoke of. Derek I assume is in the second but he has been mostly stirring the pot and not engaging on ideas like he is capable of, so I could be wrong about him. I know a couple of tea party attendees or participants, and while the group certainly has a fringe, its so small and hard to see, its general message is undeniable. I think their message is right, some may disagree but people fronting like the tea party is the new KKK or neo nazis, or just white folks mad at a progressive black man are guilty of not listening to what they talk about incessantly. I think my previous post nailed a very fitting description of the tea party, at least from an outsiders perspective. Karl, Chris, Derek I would like to see you guys engage us on why the main position of the tea party is wrong. You clearly feel it is, at least mostly, so please illuminate for us, the tea party friendlies, why you feel they are wrong.
Ok Derek I will take your challenge, not being an American nor a member of the tea party. this is my take on the tea party movement : the tea party is a diverse group of citizens concerned about government growth and largesse. the tea party has no positions on don't ask don't tell, the 14th amendment protection of gays or on civil unions or gay marriage, and the reason for this is they are a diverse group. Some support the positions you mention, some do not, but the point of unity and hence the movement itself is the governments size and mismanangement of funds it collects from taxpayers. So you know the only official position that matters, the government is wasting the money it collects. Every other issue is not as large, or of as much consequence, so the individuals of the movement make their own decisions not based on what the movement thinks but by what their own conscience informs them of.
I will pray for them James, the Petkovs need the Lord in their life so much it is plainly evident to anyone who sees
I feel sympathetic for Obama here, he is clearly out of his element and the shine has come off his presidency. I take no pleasure in his hard times. I wish the president, but not most of his policies well.