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Organization design specialist and senior manager with Deloitte Consulting
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Bob, thanks for these clarifications of your views. The two tests you propose are useful. Although I agree with some of the criticism of annual performance appraisals, I am wondering whether those who abolish them are at risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water? With a less systematic, regular, and objective approach to performance management, there is the risk that promotion and reward processes will become more political and more subjective. I would suggest that there are a few prerequisites that should be put in place first, before abolishing appraisals. First of all one needs to ensure that managers have the required skills and that there is at least a minimum level of trust. Then, one can look at the actual performance management process. For example, is there a real "performance dialogue" between the boss and the employee, that is, a negotiation around goals, resources, and time lines? And is the appraisal tied to the commitments that the employee has made during this performance dialogue? Kind regards, Nicolay
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Dec 8, 2013