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Nicole Wall
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This is cool! Great giveaway! id: nncw12
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I like #4 for many reasons: 1. #1 is too busy with the background. The title gets lost in the background. 2. I don’t like #2 because of the position of the model. I don’t think the direct back side is very flattering for any person. 3. #3 because it’s too busy. I find all the different sizes of the bags busy. I think if the top right bag is omitted it would be better. But it still wouldn’t be my favorite because of the background. I think it’s the margin of the background showing that makes it too busy. The background of the left picture is too washed out which makes it not as stand out as the picture on the right. 4. The only difference that I can see for #4 and #5 is the font of the title. I like #4 because of the font matches more with your logo. Since they’re on the same space, I think it looks more cohesive – even though part of it is not the same font, the larger word “Reasons” is enough to tie it together. I also like the cut out frame. I also find that this picture is stronger than the other ones. The background of this picture makes everything else pop.
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Jan 16, 2012