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Nicole Winkler
UC Law School Capstone
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I cannot believe this is our last blog post! It feels like our first class together, meeting Carly and Utkarsh and getting our assignments was just last week. Dianne really tried to warn us that time would be our enemy. Our final presentation is schedule for Monday, April 22nd at 4pm, we are ready (almost)! Since my last post, Carly, Utkarsh and I have reworked our presentation format to embrace our solutions right away to ensure our client is engaged and wanting more. We are really starting to see all our hard work this semester come together as a final... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Guys, It was great to see everyone in person in class on Monday. As discussed, I think everyone enjoyed seeing each other’s projects come to life but with that being said, I don’t think everyone was as invested in other projects for feedback as we could we could have been. The main feedback from Dianne for every group was to clearly identify the problem we are solving and don’t be afraid to discuss your solutions right away. She said why not start with the recommendations leaving the client focused and wanting more. That really made me think about redesigning... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi All! I am looking forward to hearing everyone Pitch Statements in class. Carly, Utkarsh and I spent good amount of time together Sunday really diving into ours to make it into a story line. Before we met, we each created our own pitch statement with the template Dianne provided so that we could come together with separate thoughts. There was potential for failure or difficult discussions with this method, but as a team of three, we really wanted to be sure that each of our voices were heard from the very beginning our presentation prep. Lucky, this was such... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Blog no.8 & 9 Hey Guys! I am combining my Blog posts 8 & 9 for this week, since our work over Spring Break was essentially the same as this week. Wow, I cannot believe we have less than four weeks left in the semester! Although we are on track with our Charter from week 1, we are feeling the pressure of time. Carly, Utkarsh and I are in the final stage of our capstone project, which has been the most exciting and hardest part. We have been gathering so much qualitative research over the last few months and have... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! This week Carly, Utkarsh and I focused on completing our survey to send out to different student groups within the College of Law. The survey starts with questions prior to entering law school, then continues into UC College of Law, and then goes further to ask questions about the student group they are involved in. In order to ensure participation, we introduced ourselves to all of the presidents of the student groups to inform them of our project and ask for their help in sending out a survey. Once we finalized the survey, we sent a follow up... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! I apologize for my Blog 6 delay in posting, time is getting away from me this semester. After our project review meeting with Dianne, Carly, Utkarsh and I had some action items. First, we scheduled a meeting with Dy’an Marinos. She works in the Division of Equity, Inclusion and Community Impact at the University of Cincinnati. Our meeting with her is scheduled the week after Spring Break where we hope to learn how they talk about diversity and we can better our messaging to our client when talking about diversity in the College of Law. I think this... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! As we wrapped up our last week of interviews today at the College of Law, Carly, Utkarsh and I are ready to proceed to the next phase of our capstone project. We have had a total of eighteen students participate in our interview process. Yesterday I conducted my first group interview. I was nervous at first to be outnumbered, but found that it was beneficial for the participants to bounce thoughts off each other. It flowed better than any other interview I had conducted in this process. For each interviewee we have transcribed their responses, created a value... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! It’s hard to believe five weeks have pasted…Dianne wasn’t kidding when she said time is our enemy. Carly, Utkarsh and I have been conducting interviews for almost three weeks now and continue to gain more presence and traction in the College of Law. I have loved my conversations with students thus far and have learned so much about UC, the College of Law, and Law School in general. We have one more week of interviews left before we can dive deeper into our analysis. Completing the insights spreadsheet for each interviewee has been helpful for us to see... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! I will now be posting my blogs on Tuesday afternoon in order to reflect on my interviews Tuesday mornings during the month of February. Last week Carly, Utkarsh and I began sitting in the College of Law building during the students and faculty lunch hour three times a week to conduct interviews with the students. After underwhelming participation last week, we decided we needed to implement more tactics within the College of Law building to make ourselves more visible. We spoke with our direct contact, Sherry, to assist us in spreading the word to students and faculty. By... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone! Our capstone project is focused on increasing awareness at UC College of Law to create a diverse student body. Last week Carly, Utkarsh and I were able to meet with Dean Williams to recap our previous faculty meeting and really narrow down our focus. We finalized our charter and it is officially approved by Dean Williams. During the month of February, the three of us will be conducting interviews at the College of Law during their lunch hour on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday. Over these few weeks, we hope to get at least 8 participants to gain valuable... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi All, Carly, Utkarsh and I are working with the University of Cincinnati College of Law to increase awareness among Justice Fighters who strive to be a voice for underrepresented populations. We were so excited to get started on this project and ready to work as team to meet the needs of our client. We are approaching our capstone as a Design Challenge before we dive into the markets insight modules of the course. We had an initial meeting with three faculty members of the College of Law last Friday, quickly realizing that aligning schedules could be a difficult task... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
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