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Advocacy groups are mostly worthless and this lawsuit gets thrown out of court and Netflix can roll out its subtitles at its own pace.
Its important to me as well, if I cant get the off beat films that I never heard of than Netflix can pound sand. This move does not surprise me tho, every move they have made over the last 2 years has been terrible, why stop now?
Should someone so dumb be allowed to breed?
I am having problems streaming HIMYM on my xbox, whats the deal?
So the measure of a good idea is how many "normal people" get upset by it? And getting out of the DVD selling business was smart for all the reasons listed but how that compared to rentals is sketchy at best.
How come sexting is not a option?
Its down for my xbox, but I can see people on my friends list on netflix so it cant be down for everyone. Frustrating.
If I was only interested in cinema that came out in the last 1-3 years I would sign up for blockbuster yesterday. But alas I enjoy cult and classic cinema and netflix delivers that in spades.
What Netflix needed to do was make some high profile deals for content and THAN announce a price hike.
It might be a overstatement but I tend to agree with shthar, I have to use a lot of websites for work purposes and the constant need to redesign is mostly terrible. On the topic of the post, the lack of sortable lists was stupid and a feature i used on a regular basis, glad its coming back.
Oh netflix, all I want from you is to be able to read reviews and be able to read reviews of people I trust.
And this is why I shall never stop collecting my favorite films on Blu-ray. Backroom deals and companies having pissing contests shall snatch away your weekends entertainment
Soooo annoying. It is always a blast when you get a sniff of homophobia from a review or some other such nonsense and than you can track down there other mouth farts all over netflix. Or on the opposite end when you find a well written funny review(See the top review on The Octagon) you can find more. lame netflix, very lame.
Hey deaf people, these things take time and money. calm down, we dont need to get the lawyers involved.
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Jun 16, 2011