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Your blog speaks my mind! Although you're probably farther along in do-it-yourself-ing than me, I too love the feeling of things that are getting made by my hands. Often I feel a bit disappointed that I'm ready with that cake, dinner, piece of clothing, doll, etc etc. I love the journey, the process. I sometimes feel overwhelmed because I 'want to do better'. But it's like you say; just start and do it bit by bit. And when you're used to one thing; pick up another! Wether it's recycling, making food from scratch, making gifts or sewing your own clothing. I saw an inpiring documentairy about an American family who try to live their zero-waste lifestyle. I felt guilty on one hand; looking at my garbage heap, all be it nicely sorted out and recycled... it could be less! But it inspired me and gave me tips on how to reduce our own waste, just like your blog gives me tips on how to make things myself... I love it!!! Thanks and I hope to enjoy your blog for years to come!!
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Jun 15, 2011