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The mentally ill are often chained up in Ghana? It is wonderful to see that you backed up your caption with statistics. Journalistic ethics requires that you print stories that do not mislead and misinform. How did you determine that mentally ill are "often" chained up? You took a poll or did a survey of all the mentally ill patients in Ghana? Define often? The perception I have based on how your article is that you think chaining up people is a regular occurrence. As an individual from Ghana I think your misleading your audience and it seems to me that your portraying Ghana as a backwards society. Furthermore, have you ever been to a psychiatric ward in a Western hospital before? Patients who are out of control are often strapped to their bed and given sedatives. Both strapping and chaining are mechanisms used to control. Yet, when it is done in Ghana, there is an undercurrent of acceptance.
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Sep 30, 2010