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Jenny Green
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Hi i really liked reading your blog about factors that are affecting claiming of car accident compensation. I thought that looking at successful case studies of car accident claims is the best way to find a successful laywer. The reason why I felt this was as there is so many lawyers out there and it is hard to decide which one to go to hence when I had an accident I used Mckeowns Solicitors Northern Ireland as one of my colleagues at work had previously used Mckeowns Solicitors Milton Keynes and told me that her claim was successful within this company. Therefore I do not totally agree with what you have stated but I do understand where you are coming from in making that point.
I think that it is an excellent idea to improve how road accidents are recorded. I agree that getting rid of the speed cameras will be a bad idea as people will just keep speeding and not follow the rules and no way of them monitioring these incidents. I feel so strongly with this as one of cousins died in a car accident due to someone speeding when he was only 10 years old, 2 years ago. My aunt and uncle used McKeowns solicitors UK to make their claim and gain compensation, but no amount of money can bring him back! But going back to your article, I think that other changes in road safety policy should still be made.
This article is very well written in persuading people to get a personal injury lawyer even if the accident was their own fault. I have read from somewhere and heard from people so many times when they have had an injury in a public place, work and so on where they have not taken it further as they felt it was too little or they just can not be bothered. I have also had to personal injury lawyers as I fell over and slipped when coming out of the sauna and hurt my back and neck. I used McKeowns Solicitors St. Albans and I was very happy with their service and how they handelled my situation. They also have a few other branches as well I think but I am not sure if they are by the same company called McKeowns Solicitors Milton Keynes and McKeowns Solicitors Northern Ireland.
Hi, I had to call a personal injury lawyer once for an accident that occured in quite an embarassing place, the sauna. I slipped and hurt myself as I was coming out as it was wet and they did not have any warning signs. I strained my back and neck and now a year later I am still facing problems with these areas. I used McKeeowns Solicitors St. Albans and they really helped to fight my case. I think your article is very good as it states when these claims can be made also roughly what kind of injuries can be compensated even if it is psycological, which is something new that I have just learnt.
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Aug 6, 2010