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It's rather disappointing that an elderly "Statesman"of The Southern Cameroons like Mr Fru Ndi has failed to understand that he is standing where he does'nt belong.From when he was denied the Presidency till date,he's just been a barking dog that would not bite.He is very harmless to the regime and the regime needs him to justifying their grip on the Southern Cameroons territory;and to an entent,Mr Fru Ndi is blocking the Anglophones cause. I do hope Mr Ni realizes that time has been spent alot on just shouting in an Assembly and government that never will listen to the aspiration of the people it governs,it is time you see with the Southern Cameroons cause. Maitre Nikonf-NL
Reading from your declaration,Mr Biya,you will sound as if at one given moment you have ever listened to the demands of the people expressed through peaceful demonstration,not to talk of political leaders,some of whom have warned you on several occasion concerning various issues,just like now. Note that when you burry an inflated ballon under water,it is bound to surface some day,and we are witnessing what Cameroonians have been burrying as patience,hoping that you might one day lessen the fist with which you have for more than 20years today ruled The Cameroons.From your declarations,you sound as if there is democracy in The Cameroons,and you are the choice of the people.Remember or not,in a letter I sent to you in 1997 questioning you on democracy in The Cameroons which your responds was that we(Cameroonians) have reached an irreversible point but today,more than 11years after,where is that democracy and have you ever won an election?"NO",you are not the people's choice,and you have never won an Election fairly since after 06/11/1982.The immunity you want to maintain till your death for fear of persecution on crimes against humanity will not be allowed by Cameroonians,your days are now numbered,this is just the beginning.I will want to advice the men and women in uniform not to tarnish their image/reputations and write your names in the Black Book because when Mr Biya Paul is gone,you will have no place to run to and your history will judge you.Take my words. Maitre Nikonf-Nkambe
There is still more to be seen of this wonderful and "Good-Hearted"Barrister.God guides and protect you and your family.
For the short time I came to knowing Mabi Azefor at Liberty Law Firm,I knew she will make it to the top,and,I can asure alot that,"This'just the beginning".More grease to your elbow,Ms M.Azefor;I want to thanks you personally,for being so inspirational,and,I hope more and more of our Cameroonian women emulate your qualities and foster changes in the feminine world. God bless you. Nikonf-The Netherlands.