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It seems that lenses are important up to a point. I mean if you're shooting through the bottom of Coke bottles the ideas you're trying to express have to suffer whether using film or a digital sensor. Even during the film era I was not enamored with lenses as long as they were decent, and Nikon always met my standard of decentness. One exception, which was an eye-opener, was the experience of shooting with a Leica 35 Summicron-M: even though my pictures weren't stronger in a creative sense, the creamy Bokeh provided endless personal fascination even though a casual viewer of those pictures never seemed to notice how the background was rendered.
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Nikon 12-24/4 DX-AFS, 24/2.8D, 35/2D, 50/1.8D, and an 85/1.8D on a D7000, D200, and a D80. I'm not too fussy about lenses and cameras but I'm very fussy about maintaining a generalist's lens kit. The camera bodies are generalist as well: the D7000 for lowlight/ action; the D200 for landscape/ portraits, and the D80 for knock-about, informational/ Internet stuff.
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Ahhh, the old Kirby vacuum cleaner closing pitch. I sold quite a few units with that little act of legerdemain. How it worked was I would have the harried and hassled Welfare mother get out her piece-of-junk vacuum cleaner and go over the same area of carpet 40 or 50 times. Then I'd take my Kirby demo unit and insert a piece of white cloth in the demonstration attachment that secured the cloth under a panel of glass. Then I'd run the Kirby over the same area just once. Voila! Seemingly tons of nasty dirt and dander would show up on the cloth. The trick was that just about any vacuum cleaner would have picked up more dirt with an additional single swipe, and with the appearance of dramatic filth if the unit was equipped with a patch of virginal white cloth. The Welfare mom would just stand there, mouth agape, ready to pull out her checkbook. I always loved the part when the customer realized that she just bought my demo unit instead of a brand new fresh Kirby in a sealed box.
Good one Mike, Bartlett worthy. Even the genius cannot emulate his own genius.
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"Boston Strong"? There's nothing strong about Boston. The citizens of Boston/ Watertown have been essentially disarmed by the state of Massachusetts and are left to cower in their homes. If this terrorist at large showed up at my door it wouldn't be "a tale of understanding and sympathy" but a 45 ACP right between the eyes. It's called the Second Ammendment. [I'm glad that makes you feel powerful, but the reality is that you're statistically more likely to shoot the wrong person and become a murderer yourself, whether or not you could be arrested for it. Here in Wisconsin we had a case where the police raided an underage drinking party and a young black boy ran away when the police got there (as did all the other kids). He hid on the porch of a neighboring house and the homeowner shot him dead. Google "Bo Morrison" for more. --Mike]
I have a GT-1 which is a 40mm equivalent (x1.43) lens-adapter for my GRD2. It's a bad-ass piece-of-glass and ridiculously sharp, but if you have any kind of light source anywhere near the lens's field of view you get lens flare. Even in situations where you thought lens flare would be impossible you still get flaring. I presume and assume that the problem would probably be even worse with the 21mm adapter, but I have no first-hand experience with it. Just a heads up.
Can we register our guns at the same time?
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Stunning propaganda from the left wing. [You're accusing Peter of biased reportage? I'm not quite seeing how his pictures could be considered propaganda, or politically aligned one way or the other. --Mike]
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Mike, regarding the storing of memory cards instead of reusing them: how about cheaper one-time use cards (in that they can be actually only used once) priced similar to film per roll? Maybe this new type of card could possess archival properties way more robust than memory cards, maybe along the lines of the longevity of b&w film negatives.
My dad used to test drive cool cars like the Javelin AMX and Volkswagen Karmann Ghia which set me a dreamin' about a hot date with head cheerleader Jennifer Foxx, but alas, he ended up buying clunkers like the Ford Maverick, Plymouth Volare, and Volkswagen Rabbit. I never did get that date with Jennifer.
I've found that color photographs look best with a cream white mat, and black and white with a pure white mat.
They look like very nice photographs Mike, but it seems that the selling point is that they're contact prints. I mean if they were 35mm or medium format enlargements would the images stand up on their own as desirable to purchase? It's almost as if you're buying technique instead buying pictures. JMHO. FWIW.
Funny you mention this Ctein. I'm 57. I just sold my house to a real estate investor to speed up the selling process, and I'm moving to Indiana to begin a career transporting RV trailers. Ever since I was a little kid I always fantasized about being an over-the-road truck driver. Transporting RVs isn't exactly that since I'll be driving a one-ton dually diesel pickup truck that I'll have to purchase, but it's still truck driving, and I'll still be on the road. Mid-life crisis? I don't know. Part of my original motivation to move was finding a reason to escape liberal, tax and regulate anything that moves, Massachusetts, but remembering my truck driving desire as a youth has rendered the political motivation almost irrelevant. I can't wait to hit the road and possibly discover, as a bonus, that it is still possible to be free (or at least create the illusion of freedom) in America in 2013 and beyond. Your essay has inspired me even more. Thankyou.
It might look good in black.
You don't have to travel to Antartica to make interesting photographs; you just need to use your creativity. You are always the teacher, Mike, whether intentional or not. Good work.
It might look good in black.
Kate's portrait is a political statement not so much representing Kate, but a Monarchical rendering of how a princess, who resembles Kate, should appear for posterity: staid, serious, human flaws intact. Kate in real life is just too darn beautiful, sexy, and alive to be taken seriously.
I'm not surprised by your choice Mike. The more things change the more they stay the same. I remember having had a long email conversation with you, during the CompuServe PhotoForum heyday, at a time when I was considering dumping my Nikons in favor of the Olympus OM system. I ended up staying with Nikon (which persists to this day), but your admiration and fascination with Olympus (especially the lens lineup and the OM4's metering system) was very compelling. So here it is 20 years later and the songs have changed but the music remains the same: Olympus, with all its foibles, still has your heart. The more things change the more they stay the same.
Mike, I expected a lecture on gun control, but not one reference to guns. Congrats to you for transcending the typical knee-jerk response although it didn't look promising in your previous blog.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2012 on OT: Apologia at The Online Photographer
It seems that the Second Ammendment is only unclear to the folks who are anti-military and anti-gun searching for alternate meanings that are obviously not intended. To me, it's perfectly clear: In a free country (State) a superbly trained military and the right of the people to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed. To try to skew the Second Ammendment to mean what is clearly not intended is wishful thinking at best, or subversion disguised as progressivism/ liberalism at worst. Just as a contract is not a living document, neither is the Constitution. The Constitution is a contract between God, the Founding Fathers, and the American people.
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Your symptoms sound like the awakening of Kundalini.
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I believe that a photographer needs to be an artist before he can become an "art photographer", and that artistic sensibility is pretty much a genetic gift. A born artist (which is the same as an "artist") creates works of art because that's who he is. If an artist takes up music, or writing, or photography, or cooking, or anything really, his artistry will present itself whatever the medium. An artist doesn't try to be an artist, it's just that what he does is artistic because that's who he is. Whether the artist's work is good art or bad art is another discussion, but discovering the best medium for one's artistic gift, so he doesn't create bad art, is part of the journey of becoming an accomplished artist. I don't believe that becoming an artist (whatever the expression) is something that can be learned, but it can be drawn-out if a person is already an artist. Becoming technically proficient at something is not the same as being an artist, but sometimes the illusion of being an artist can be created.
Wow Mike, the D800 has made you a better photographer ;-). The three-dimensional-like rendering is stunning.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2012 on A Snap from Yesterday at The Online Photographer
I see an inner landscape, or maybe an inner consciousness, of someone who is approaching death, perhaps being kept alive through extraordinary artificial measures. Or maybe even the bleak awareness of someone who is in a coma--not dead, but not really alive either. A very nice work of photographic art here, IMHO.
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