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I'm an author, a touring performer, and a syndicated columnist. My blog is
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Yay! You're back :)
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2013 on Gerah Goes Psycho at Baby Poop and Business Suits
Proof that your decision to move away was unpoplar.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2012 on Tempus Fugit at Robert Paterson's Weblog
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One quibble with an otherwise wise post: I am not particularly well-heeled, but in the wake of heart problems in January 2012, golf was one way I became well HEALED. Some, but not all golfers are rich, just as some, but not all gym denizens are rich and some, but not all joggers are rich. Can we not agree that anything that promotes health and fitness is worthy of a break from revenue grabbing? I don't see Doug Currie (or the Liberal government) being able to muster the political courage to do any of this. The M.O. of both mainstream parties is the same: get power by promising changes and an end to patronage; make some early cosmetic changes, but nothing too upsetting; and for God's sake, make sure your pals and family have all gotten to the trough and had their fill before your ten years is up. Look at the nameplates on the office door adjacent to that of any cabinet minister. Friends and family, paid handsomely to drive around folks who have perfectly valid drivers' licences. For any of your suggestions to see the light of day, Islanders need to elect a new political force, one not trapped in the Lib/PC cycle. They need to be convinced that if they do what they've always done, they'll get what they've always gotten. I can't be overly optimistic that will happen.
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If ever you wanted to see the true face of pure evil, there it is. He's like a Vegas gambler, cheerfully laying down wagers on plane crashes, and hoping at night that tomorrow his luck will hold and another one will go into the ground.
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Mar 15, 2010