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They can't use the excuse that they only show wrestling/reality shows to bring in money for original scripted shows. Some of their biggest hits ( Eureka, Stargate SG-1) didn't even START OUT on their channel. They bought them from other networks. The money they earn from the ads just goes to fund endless B movies like Sharktopus and other monster movies. Sure, some of these are just played on the channel, but a lot of them are SyFy originals. Eureka is one of my favorite shows and I am sad to see it go, but it is just a sign of what the channel is morphing into. Follow their SyFy Original Movies tweets for about 30 minutes and you will see where they focus their resources. When I was in high school I spent hours on SciFi watching old movies and when they needed a bump in viewers they played anime to attract younger viewers.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2012 on I really miss this place at WWdN: In Exile
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May 18, 2012