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Gigi, I like your point that what we probably consider "old fashioned" is a reflection of our own childhoods, which of course our grandparents would find anything BUT old-fashioned, probably our parents too! Meanwhile, my kids probably have a mix of the two types of experiences you discussed. My challenge is that I'm SO not an outdoor person . . . I try hard not to pass that along to the kids. Also, side note, it took me something like four tries to get this comment to post. Is that dedication or what!?
Loved this, Jen! I'm still sad we don't live close enough to each other to attend these events together. Maybe every few years??? :) Great pictures! You look fantastic!
Wish I could be in your book club!!
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WOW!!! So honored to be your first comment, but especially honored by your kind words here. As I told you that night, I was incredibly impressed that you didn't just SAY you wanted to come to the event . . . you actually schlepped all the way to Minneapolis. It was more than a pleasure to finally meet you off the screen that night. I KNOW we'll get together for more events in the future. I insist on it! Thank you again for coming and for this wonderful post! (And double oy-vey on the car battery! Yikes!)
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Dec 19, 2010