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Nina Nelson
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I got carded at dinner tonight! For a minute I thought they wouldn't and then she asked to see my ID. I'll just keep telling myself it's a good thing...
Teri, Once again, your writing is amazing. You do such a great job communicating how you feel and do it so beautifully. I so wish you could have come to the seminar. It was amazing - I'm sure Kevin will tell you. I would love to meet you someday :)
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Sep 24, 2010
Oh Teri I am so blessed and encouraged by your blog. I had such a meltdown last week and it was so apparent how important my attitude is on the functioning of our family. I really, really needed to read this. Thank you for your transparency - I appreciate it so much.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2010 on The Core at Stumbling Around in The Light
Teri, LOL! I'm nursing at the keyboard as well. I found the perfect nursing pads - a hemp/cotton blend that work great.I will be needing them for the seminar on Monday. I heard about the Don Miller seminar on Coach Radio and Free Agent Underground and thought I had to go - it's only a couple hours away. And then I read the book yesterday that they were talking about. Wow. It was great. Will you be there? We talked about going up Sunday after church but I kind of want to go Saturday so I can spend some time with Ian's family. nina
Ha ha! I love it! I can totally relate to that. We haven't had to make any diaper stops since we use cloth now, but I have had to wait in the parking lot of a restaurant while my Medela insured that I would have no wet circles on the shirt. You just can't go out with milk spots after you spent 2 hours finding something that fit right :).
Is there a link to Get Smore from Life?
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Apr 27, 2010