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I agree with Jeb when he questioned the short-term losses accumulated by the villages most dependent upon fishing for their livelihood. With the implementation of the MPA the villages of the park were forced to change their labor inputs and economic concentrations in order satisfy the demands of external governmental policy. Although the movement to protect the local bay is noble in its attempt to secure ecosystem stability by protecting fish stocks and biodiversity, the economic demands introduced to the local villagers essentially demands a a change in social behavior. The reduction of fish catch as a result of the gear exchange -providing nets too large to catch local bay fish- and the fines associated with illegal catches are sources of frustration for local populations. The largest complaint of the villagers was their difficulty using the large nets to sustain their way of life. Although the managers argue that long-term benefits will come from using larger nets because they will yield larger (more valuable) fish, the livelihood projects are not a sufficient supplement to the losses occurred on the short-term new gear usage. Another important comment comes from Kahn’s Chapter 11 argument of utility. If the local fishing community consists of utility maximizers, the fishers are seeking to enjoy working on the water and continuing the lifestyle of the generations before them. The utility of the local fishermen is potentially greater than profit maximization; however utility is not included in this method.
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