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That's easy - Gypsy. Not a bad song in the whole show (okay, maybe "Little Lamb," but at least it's short), a phenomenal book, and the most developed characters I've ever seen on stage. There's a reason they keep reviving it every few years. Simply the best.
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Give me a Jackie-O musical, told in flashback, with Laura Osnes playing a young Jackie and Mary Beth Peil playing an old Jackie.
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LOVE your choices. i totally agree. i don't think bloody bloody or scottsboro have chances at winning, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they at least get the nominations. question: how much do performances factor into the nominations procedure? bloody bloody and scottsboro are closed, which could mean no performances. doesn't that cut out a big chunk of their show? would they chose other shows (priscilla, sister act) in their place simple because that means two more performances?
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Apr 26, 2011