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It would be ironic if I did not know how to spell at all. However it is blatantly obvious that the “writer” does not know his craft at all. Any who, thanks for the spell check.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2009 on A Letter To Israel at Up Station Mountain Club
what is this crap? first lean how to write then you might make sense. This is terrible
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2009 on A Letter To Israel at Up Station Mountain Club
Haha....and it is the whiteman who is racist? Goodluck to the happy couple
Danny Boy, I think the Dr was talking about side effects more than anything else. I also want to belief that a lot but not all of the stuff we Africans consume as medicinal plants have more of a placebo effect rather than a therapeutic one. Just my humble opinion.
Congratulations to Dr Ngemenya. I had him as a chemistry teacher and i'm happy for him
Now you know how some of us in the Great US or A fill about getting inflitrated by illegal immigrants
"Self-hating black men who are so insecure about their skin color will rather prefer to go and marry white woman..." And you claim to be intelligent? that has got to be the dumbest statement of the week and it is only Monday morning.
Redflag, Spoken like a real idiot. Hope you don't include yourself in the "young" of which you speak.
Ok people cut the crap with this southern Cameroon nonsense. They have no legal standing and have not been recognized by any organization worth the mention, so please spare us. As for the Bakasi "rebel" "who for his country brave will feel from the invader or who's ignoble life to save will traitor like degrade her...his must be a cowards heart who would not make a stubborn stand"
Hitler??????,yaeh thats a cool little name you got there buddy!!!!