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Ticks, What are you on about? What part of: "Northwest Social Affairs Delegate, Wilfred Asanji" don't you understand? Anyway, I'm not writing to chastise you. Just want to comment on a growing cancer in the world at the moment -- the UN. I've done quite a bit of research about this, and it is my firm conviction that the UN is a front for a push for a One World government by a few unscrupulous oligarchs. Europe and the Americas, as well as Australasia are firmly under the thumb of these master manipulators, and I guess Africa is their last battleground. They will have an interesting battle on their hands, trying to have these dictators loosen their grip to faceless powerbrokers. I'm not saying that our dictators are doing it for the right reasons, but it's interesting to watch this unfold, nonetheless.
To the likes of Ricardo, I'm just curious (and puzzled), but why are you so dead set against former West Cameroon dissociating itself from former East Cameroon? If a people are not happy with a particular union and are agitating to leave, what exactly is your problem? To me you sound like the chauvinistic man who refuses to accept that his partner can possibly be unhappy and wants to leave, insisting she stays in a marriage just because "marriage is for ever". Who the hell are you to say? For years now, former West Cameroonians have been saying they have issues only to be told by arrogant former East Cameroonians: "There is no Anglophone problem whatsoever". How arrogant is that? If you truly believed in one country, you and others like you should have been out protesting about the obvious way that Anglophones have and always have been treated. Instead, you buried your head in the sand. Well, guess what? Your arrogance and ignorance is about to come back and bite you in the arse. And there's nothing anyone can do about it except those agitating for change. Live with it, man. Let it go.
Can someone please kindly educate me on what the Rumpi Project is all about? There's some mention of going out into the field, but not much else. Or maybe I'm just too out of the loop, or something.
Akoson, Could you please stop spreading rumours about people (posters on this forum as well as public figures) unless you can substantiate them? I know that the rumour is the No. 1 means of titillation for us Africans, but know that I, for one, will not tolerate that kind of rubbish. All kinds of people read this, a public forum, so just be aware that you can be sued for allegations that you make about people. The mind boggles who you're going to claim that I really am, next.
I agree with Ma Mary, this piece needs some serious editing! Oh my god. But I agree with the general thrust of what the writer is trying to say. I'll go even further to add that the French model for a lot of other things is not that great, either: their judiciary, politics, general governance, not to mention the running of businesses. Take the latter, in particular: in recent years a lot of French businessmen have been relocating their business headquarters to the UK, because they complain that French business laws are too bureaucratic, inhibitive and downright frustrating. And this is the model we've chosen to adopt in Cameroon?!? We would do far better if we moved well away from these models and found other models (or indeed, created ours).