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I have cooked a stew very much like this for years, yet after browning the pork, it is cooked in a Dutch oven, and served over polenta cooked with a few Tbs.finely chopped red pepper and onions. Besides the jalapenos, I put several whole pasilla chile peppers in and pull them out before serving, no black beans. The lime sour cream is something I adore, and use for other dishes as well. I love this dish.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on My Favorite Pork Stew at Ruth Reichl
I dream about places like this as well, but my husband and I live on an island near Seattle, and though we have restaurants here, we usually succumb to our own home and meals we cook ourselves. But there is a little place here called La Boucherie I've been meaning to try. Farm owned, with wine, cheese and meat that is raised here and butchered here. Hoping to find my own happy dance.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2011 on Dreaming Italian at Ruth Reichl
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Jun 1, 2011