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Thanks for translating and posting this. Google has had a very deep look into how censorship works in China. The stories they could tell the world, just as these netizens are asking. But I don't think Google will reveal what it knows and what it did, for at least three reasons: 1. Most of the government censorship demands are "unofficial", over IM, phone, in person. So if Google discloses to the world, they may be putting at risk the person(s) who were responsible for "coordinating" with the relevant authorities; 2. It sounds like Google wants to keep some operations in China. Disclosing the details of their censorship activities could only get them in trouble in China; 3. Does Google really want the embarrassment of a news cycle around the details of the censorship? FYI I posted some questions for Google on my blog. Not nearly as poignant or important as the ones from the Chinese netizens:
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Mar 21, 2010