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That is a fantastic idea. I have been composing an e-mail to you for quite some time now and have never gotten around to sending it - would love to meet you and chat to you in person. As for the preferences, Saturday lunch (with wine please!) would be great, but I am not that fussed as long as we could have wine. Looking forward to this. Also wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you like.
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Happy Birthday for yesterday. I saw Carte Blanche last night and you looked fab! Only recently started reading your blogs - I'm hooked. I went out and bought your book on Saturday, am almost finished. I have seriously puffy eyes this morning from crying while reading your book (thanks...) Hubby keeps looking at me, asking if I'm OK. Have asked him if he would read your book, also want my mom, sisters and best friend to read it. I can really identify with a lot of it (although, I haven't quite been through what you have... yet). Love the poo post!
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2006 on The Meaning of Life and World Peace. at So Close
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