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Njei M. Timah
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Thanks ma'am for the good corruption sermon. I guess, unfortunately that your targeted audience is not listening. Njei M.T
Mr ambassador, Thanks for doing what others before you have done on the issue of corruption in Cameroon-throwing water on a duck's back. Njei M. Timah
It is exciting news to learn that the fugitive Fon Doh (or is it ex-Fon) was nabbed at the border trying to flee to Nigeria. What a double humiliation! Njei M.T
Nice to learn that Richard Quest was in the rain forest of Cameroon. We wish that more prominent people from the international media could always create time to make such visits. It is only through such people that the world can get to understand the complex problems that plants, animals and humans face in such areas. Njei M.T (
This park is one piece of a valuable gem that Cameroon must strive to protect at all cost. Njei M.T (
If Cameroonians are not coming forward to register, it is not because of the lack of awareness as some government officials will like us to believe. It is because of the lack of confidence in the whole electoral process. Njei M.T (
Madam, You better sit down and have a cool reflection before telling us whether this your declation is intended for Cameroonian voters like me or for some undefined audience. If the country is not yet ready for an Independent electoral Commission, we should stop wasting money, disturbing the poor people's peace and causing further embarrassment to ourselves. This country has been disgraced for too long. For how long shall we continue to remain the laughingstock of the world? Njei M.T (
Thanks Roland for shedding more light on this story and for helping a Cameroonian in need. I am comforted by the fact that this country still has people like you. Njei M. Timah (
Thanks to The Post for bringing some of these sordid things to light. Your job is not finished until you follow the police to ensure that they act against those that abused the child. Njei M.Timah
The Chinese are just participating in the second scramble for Africa. The first scramble took place more than a century ago. Njei M.T (
Kudos ma'am. I know that fighting fraud in this system is like fighting against nature. Njei M. Timah (