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Gayongha went to the congress hall and pleaded for the Bawock people to go back to their village. I dont think he is doing it in good faith. He really does not want these people in Bali sub division and he his bent to destroy them. I have an in law (from Bawock) whose mother is from Bali and father from Bawock. When the bali vandals moved arround in Bawock burning houses, his mother(from bali) arranged for a vehicle to carry some items from the house such a set of chairs, TV, DVD player, gas cooker, fridge etc to her relatives in Bali. Their house was burnt down but the items were safe in her relatives in bali. Another Bali man has reported to the Fon that a Bali man was keeping things belonging to a Bawock man. The fon sent one of his chindas warning the bali man to remove all the things from his house and burn them or the man's house would be burnt completely. My in-law just received this phone message from his relatives from bali and he has asked them to remove the things and burn them to save their house. What is Gayonga up to? This man is as wicked as his vandals and such men should not be allowed to leave with humanbeings. He is best fit behind bars. So even bali people who are married in Bawock are punished. When will the balis wake up and acknowledge that their fon is a brute? Many bali families have been ruined by their fon and i believe that most of the bali people know that their fon is a radical. Awake up from your slumber! I would insist that the Bawock people only go back when maximum security is put in place. The Government has promised three police posts in Bawock and this promise should be fulfilled before they leave the congress Hall. The balis are not through with their hidden agenda. They need Jesus.
Gayongha said and i quote "No Bali man or myself told anybody to go and burn houses in Bawock. Bawock people decided to set their houses ablaze so as to ask for HIPIC funds." This is pure lies and nonsense and this statement makes him fall short as an intellectual. So were the 20 Bawock people who were kidnapped and tortured for hours by their own Bawock brothers? They were kidnapped when bali vandals were busy burning houses in Bawock. You should be happy that you will also benefit from the HIPC funds since part of your own palace was burnt down by the Bawock people. Stop bluffing Gayongha. One cannot imagine that despite these difficult moments people would decide to burn their houses to ask for HIPC funds. Grow up Gayonga and i agree with Achidi Achu's statement that there are lots of Fons who have never seen the four walls of a classroom yet are more intelligent than fons who run arround with phDs. Gayonga stop throwing the blame on others, nothing happens in Bali without your knowledge. You knew that houses were being burnt down in Bawock by your vandals but you did nothing to stop them. One thing is clear you and your vandals will build the entire Bawock village whether you like it or not. I pray that the dialogue of peace that has started between the two fons prevails so that the displaced can go back home and start picking up the broken pieces.
Big Joe my foot. You spread lies like wild fire for you are trying to mislead the intelligent and well wishers of this forum. The Bawock people are not out to contest land with the balis. CPC Bali is a long distance from bawock and the bawock people have nothing to do with that land. All the Bawock people want is for the balis to repect their culture and stop infiltrating into their jurisdiction which the balis are not willing to accept. Remember houses were burnt down because of a "burnt" fictitous bali juju not because the Bawocks wanted to claim land from the balis.
Big joe i hope you have read carefully and digested the article written by Haman Mana. Oh!! its in French so you may not understand. Its a pity. The Bawocks are Peace Makers. As intelligent as he is, Fon Nana Wanda has always used a diplomatic approach to settle problems. All the agressions and complaints made against its brutal neighbour are well documented and these are what will make the balis crumble and hit their dirty arses to the ground.
Big Joe, Its a pity that you still use your dirty, filthy hands to write jargon. You Shameless brute! I thought you were someone one could learn something from but from your last comments you have proven to be full of shit. You have no pity for those whose lives you have damaged, all you think of is land land land........ I dont blame you because your brain is in your asrse and each time you go to the toilet you squirt some. That is why you get duller and duller and heartless. The bali nyonga people have no respect for people and God. A wonderfully constructed catholic primary school which hosts pupils even from bali and the recently contstructed Government High school Bawock were burnt down, even the small catholic church were the Bawock people worship is in ashes. What kind of human being destroys God's house? Wickedness, babarism and vandalism of the highest degree flow in your veins. You have sucessfully wiped out the village's infrastructure and one day you all shall pay for this. I believe the human race would be far more better without you people. May God punish you f***ing beasts.
Big Joe/vito and the Bali fanatics, Nana of Bawock is adressed as Fon Nana of Bawock at all levels not as subchief or nfor of any miserable Bali village as you claim. So stop bluffing. The history you are narrating is a Bali man's perpective so what does one expect?. So do not dare rate Fon Nana as one of those your robot-like subchiefs who do not dare oppose Gayonga. The violent and agressive nature of a Bali man is a stigma which will never be erased unless you learn to leave with people as humanbeings not as untamed beasts. You need to shed that stinking coat of pride and stop living on past war victories.I think it is time you educated your subjects on non voilent approach to settle disputes and tolerance. What is a burnt ficticious juju compared to more than 300 burnt houses and thousands of Bawock people who have been rendered homeless? Have you been to the village to observe the massive destruction caused within a short period of time? It is a pure sign of babarism at its highest level and should be condemned vehemently. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves as people from bali nyonga.
Sango Mottto, i think you are the most well uninformed individual in this Forum. The Bawock peole have never brutalised any neighbouring village not to talk of under the influence of anyone. The SDO and those rseponsible of the boundary committee were stoned out of Bawock village by Bali barbarians who were not even imvited to the premises. If at all the stoning was carried by the Bawock people how come the car of the Fon of Bawock was burnt down. Know from today that the act was orchestrated by bali youths. A Bawock man is your best neighbour. Big Joe let it stick to your head that Ntafoang is NOT the only motorable acessible road to Bawock from Bali, You can move freely from Bawock through Pinyin, Santa then Bamenda Even if a Bawock man seized a Juju from Bali, it is not suffice to burn down an entire village, kidnap, torture and send people homeless within hours. I believe the Bali people had been waiting for an opportuned moment to commit such atrocities. And i still reiterate the fact that no Bawock person attempted to burn down the Bali fon's palace. It is an attempt to paint Bawock people as violent. The the thatched house was burnt down by the Bali people thgemselves. They themslves know that a Bawock man could not have the guts to do such a thing. Everyone knows and history tells us that a bali man is warlike, violent, barbaric and arrogant at all time. Tell a toddler to point to a violent man and he will point to a bali man. Voilence seem to be written on their faces. Big Joe be rest assured that the Governtment has not been silent in what took place on the 6 of December. With time the perpatrators will be brought to book. As a matter of fact you have just confirmed that the Bali people have taken the laws into their hands. Because they sucessfully burnt down Governtment property without being punished gives them the right to go ahead and burn down an entire village. This time arround it is not as simple as you may think. Nothing happen's in a Fon's backyard without his knowledge. It is not the first time the Fon of Bali has ordered the destruction of peoples' properties, so i still hold him responsible. He may be a ph D holder on paper yet lacks common sense. I wonder the kind of lectures he deliveres to students
Gayongha is simply implying that a traditional thatched house at the entrance to his palace and the voma are tantamount to - a burnt Bawock Fon's palace, - 300 burnt houses in Bawock, - More than 8000 displaced, homeless Bawock people who have now become refugees , - no school for Bawock children, - the destruction of animals and crops, - the kidnapping and torture of Bawock sons and daughters. When did a juju become more important than the welfare of people? This is pure madness. You and your people are surely still living in the dark ages. Come to the light and join the civilised world. The Bawock people will never disrupt the Lela dance for they respect the culture and integrity not only of the Bali people but neighbouring villages as well. That is why a cordial relationship exists with its neighbours. On the contrary the Bali people have never rsepected the culture and the integrity of the Bawock people. Normally each village has certain days that the villagers don not go to farms, do not beat drums etc but the Bali people will beat drums, fire guns and pass through the Bawock village and even at the Fon's palace when those days are respected in the village just to cause trouble. This is not acceptable When the Bawock people complain, the Bali people say Bawock is a quarter in Bali. They even went further to give Bawock quaters names in their local language-Mungaka. Gayongah, it is a simple truth that you have never recognised Bawock as a village but as a quarter in Bali for you and your subjects have often mentioned that there could never be two Fons in the same village, so you have been planning its destruction for a long time. You refused to attend the occasion marking the enthronement of the Fon of Bawock. So stop claiming to have saved the life of Fon Theodore Nana Wanda of Bawock from your barbarians during the December 6 crisis when the Land Consultative Commission came to demarcate boundries. This time you were out to kill hime for you masterminded the total destruction of His palace and his entire village by your barbarians. Thank God He was not at his palace for he would have been burnt. You have become so powerful so much so that you decide the fate of a Fon's life. You expect this young Fon to be a "boy" at your backyard that will take orders from you without complaints. It will never happen. You shall be brought to Justice for crime against humanity. Your barbarians capture and torture innocent people. Let the world know that this is just a fraction of the atrocities you and your barbarians cause to neigbouring villages. The story of Bawock man setting fire on the Bali Fon's palace is pure lies and nonsense. The Bawock people did not retaliate for if they did it would been war. But this was not war. It was an act of barbarism and vandalism on innocent people. Enormous pressure has been put on the very limited Government resouces to resettle the people of Bawock and i hope this pressure puts pressure on the Government to bring the fon of Bali and its barbarians to justice. Gayongha has proven without reasonable doubt that he is a terrorist. Let the foreign embassies in Cameroon and the international Comunity know this and bar him from entering into their countries during his tours, so that he remains in his palace and rot. Brooks UK
Massa talk true. Your name is the exact opposit of what you write. I read your article with a lot of dismay. It is all propanganda that the Bawock people attempted to burn down your palace while all of us even the Bali people know that they did it themselves. They set an empty old tattered building next to their palace on fire to create a false scenario of attack by the Bawock people so that they could go back and finish what they started and they succeeded. A Bawock man is too civilised and humble to do such a thing. They were busy running for their lives in the bushes. Before one gets to bali fon's palace from Bawock one has to pass through one or two Bali quaters, so do you think under such circumstance they could have made their way through those querters to set the bali fon's palace on fire without being confronted? I talked to a reverend father stationed at Bali and he confirmed to me that the fire was set by the Bali people themselves on a small, old unoccupied building. The Bawock people are struggling to put their lives together and now that the village has been deserted i emplore the Bali blood thirsty, violent, backward good for nothing people to go and occupy the land.
Bawock was never given land by the Bali nyonga people and it has never been and will never be a quarter in Bali as they claim. This peace loving Bamileke people originally from the Western province has never used violence to settle disputes or provoked the Bali people. Civilised Bawock people know that violence can never be a solution to disputes. Homes have been destroyed and people have taken refuge in bushes, some in the Pinyin Fon’s palace. Pregnant women and children spend the nights in bushes. We cannot allow such a thing to go on. Mr Saboh, one of the most outspoken elites of Bawock was kidnapped by a group of Bali thugs during the weekend in the name of warriors and he was threatened to be killed. His mobile phone saved his life. When they were taking him to a certain location in Bali, the brutes saw an innocent Bawock man and started chasing him leaving Mr Saboh behind with one of the bastards. When Mr Saboh’s phone rang the thug asked for the phone, so he threw it at him and fortunately the phone fell. It was during this time that the bastard bent down to pick the phone when he miraculously and narrowly escaped into thin air into the nearby bush. Meanwhile we tried to reach him to no avail. We finally got to one of the thugs on Mr Saboh’s phone who asked for a ransom for his release. They demanded 500,000frs CFA to be delivered at a certain location at Hospital roundabout in Bamenda. In that agony, arrangements were being made to pay this money when one of his relatives spotted him in Bamenda town in his car. He had escaped and ran back to where he was captured. Dry sticks and grass had been placed round his Mercedez ready to be put on fire. Miraculousely no fire was started and there were no persons around the car. With the help of some Bawock boys who rescued Mr Saboh in the bush, they removed the materials round his car and he was able to drive to town. Hopeless, jobless, illiterate, barbaric bali thugs continue to loot and burn properties in Bawock for no good reason. This is pure evidence of ethnic cleansing going on in our own eyes and unless drastic measures are taken against the perpetrators then the worse is still to come. I hold the blood thirsty fon of bali solely responsible for this mess for he is the one instructing all this damage. He has successfully surrounded himself with armed hopeless good for nothing bali youths who take instructions from him. A man of his calibre should know that violence cannot be a solution to disputes. He continues to inflict terror on poor innocent neighbouring villagers. He should stand trial for this. I plead that the Government, the Fon’s Union in NW and Western Province intervene as soon as possible for despite the presence of gendarmes properties are still being burnt down in the village. Augustine S UK