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Hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hmmmm i'm tongue-tied as it's a mourning morning 4 me and i ache and sorrow @ losing 4 compatriots @ once.I remember that Shakespeare wrote Hamlet when tortured by gout.Ibsen had diabetes.Jonathan swift was an epileptic.Handel wrote his best music after his doctor told him that he had only a few months to live. Tell us,our literary mentors,what were you suffering from.........? I read a good number of works by BB,watched Gwangaa's "FOCUS ON ARTS."I was a die-hard fan of his when i was in my early teens till when i left home. We have 4 deaths in our hands,going through tough times to accept reality.You have all graced our history,died like legends,when i'm sure you would have preferred to be just men.I'll abstain from asking all the "wh"questions because we will surely spend the rest of our lives where you are and he that looks @ dead men's shoes may have chance to go barefoot.One thing i know is that the great and good do not die even in this world.Embalmed in books,their spirits walk abroad. Some people look to religion for a code of behaviour.All i have to ask is "what will BB,Awoh,Gwangaa and Ambe do in this situation since others join me to confirm your resourcefulness? We will never be exactly the same,but we are ready to go on...You 4 will become the seeds of a new beginning,somewhere we are yet to know.We will cry [as Shakespeare says"tears water our growth."] 4 you and others,and maybe that will always be so.Some days and times may always bring tears.We understand and accept that as part of LOVE but mind you that,the died are not gone yet,until forgotten.But can you 4 see what i am trying to say? I am saying GOODBYE!On behalf of your fans,we will always hold you as the ocean holds sunlight,so say a prayer 4 us as we say one 4 you. Christ does live,and we do live at the same time.Christ does live and his love is here.He ALONE has never moved.That's the statement of the RESURRECTION.Nothing dies and nothing ends.When we reach one conclusion we only become part of another beginning.Every seed had its EASTER. 2 the family members and faithful friends who are in fragile emotional states,i'll say prance about in black dresses and say"i'll spend the rest of my life there..." Death is always the veil which those who live call life.They sleep and it is lifted. 4 BROS,your electric personalities however will continue to light the world.2 all the world just 4 but to some,all the world. ADIEU. TIA Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing-China.