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Hi Sally, It's really tough to deal with our little ones struggling - I know I've been in tears before ...... our 6 yo is a sensitive little boy (and being a boy he's kinda isolated amongst the macho crowd), however, we're keen to teach him that kindness is a great value to hold and we know it will stand him in good stead in the future. He's also learning that the behaviour of others is their responsibility and that if they are unkind it may be that someone has been unkind to them ..... most bullies tend to come from families which have different view of the world from ours. Regarding Flea's comment “I have lots of warm spots in my tummy for all the people I like but I have a big empty space here where the other people are,” she said, touching her middle. “And that is the bit that hurts.” ..... you could try using her own metaphors to help her get over the tummy aches... for example you might ask her what kind of big empty space it is, ask her what she could fill it with that would make it so that it didn't hurt - could she take some warm spots from the friendly space and put them in the big empty space..... Kids are brilliant at this kind of visualisation and it's really important if you try it to use her words exactly. Just an idea, but anythings worth a go. It's not easy to see them stuggling and it is our job to help them through the stuggles, knowing that we'll never elimate them totally - after all, they go on throughout our lives. F
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May 5, 2011