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I'm glad that Bertrand Goldberg is getting more attention. He has been in the shadows of other Chicago-area architects for too long. Not to nit-pick, but I'm curious. In the 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, is " "[...]from futuristic prehab structures[...]" Supposed to be "[...] from futuristic prefab structures" or is the original correct? If the original is correct, what does prehab mean? BK: Thanks for the copy-editing. I've changed "prehab" to "prefab."
This building is pretty amazing. It is functional & direct, and it has a nice bridge to boot! I am dearly missing Grant Park and the coast of Chicago now that I have settled in San Francisco. BK: Thank you. The outsider is the one who has perspective. This is the best retort to all those who are troubled by the directness of the harbor building. Presumably, the critics of this building would have been among those troubled by the original Monadnock Building, which was deemed too stark by the Victorian standards of its time. Now, of course, it's a favorite of architectural tour groups.