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I just watched The Wonder Years, Season 1 Episode 1 and it was as great as I remembered it. Too bad the video quality is really awful but I'm guessing that's not Netflix's fault.
"Member Since December 1999" with no breaks although I think that date records only when the subscription-style plan started and that I started a bit before then. So long ago, it's hard to remember. I do remember the stiff cardboard envelopes and the long round trips to the only shipping center. Devices: A BluRay player and an iPad. Here's an idea for another poll: How many items in your DVD queue are (or will shortly be) available for instant watching? I haven't been a big online watcher (except for 2-3 seasons of catching up on "Lost" before the final season), but recently I was surprised to notice that around half of my top 50 are available.
Since most of my TV watching was already through Netflix, about 5 or more years ago, I cut my (Comcast) cable TV service back to the under-promoted "just the local broadcast channel" tier (roughly $13/month) when another price hike was coming through and making me want to gag. Last summer, when I moved to a new house that's closer to the broadcast towers, I dispensed with cable TV altogether. That said I'm now only 8 miles from the transmitter and get less than ideal reception. Yes, it's just a rabbit ears in my attic (although I do have a decent RF amp on it and an unobstructed path), but geesh, I'd think that'd work more reliably than it does. Most of the channels are OK most of the time, but some of them regularly suck. I guess so many people get them over cable these days that no one really notices that OTA digital ain't so great?
I also have the BD390 and like it quite a bit. I bought it for its Netflix support and because it can play music and video files off my PC. (I don't even have an HD TV--just a 42" plasma 480p monitor--and have never even tried a BluRay disk.) I've been catching up on "Lost" for the past few months or so (starting at Season 1). I watched the first couple of seasons by renting the disks but then switched to streaming and it's been great. The YouTube support is cute, but not clearly that useful. If it had Pandora support, it'd be perfect. I'm hoping for that in a future firmware update. (BTW, the 2 firmware updates I've done went fine.) A couple of small nuisances: It's hung on me a couple of times. (It's so nice that the consumer electronics industry has finally brought this feature from the world of personal computers :-) It can't fast forward when playing back my video files. Also sometime when it starts a Netflix playback, I get something less than highest quality. This could be because of my ISP or any of the hops between me and Netflix, of course, but I have Verizon FiOS, so nominally my end should be pretty good. Interestingly, if I stop and restart playback, I can typically get better quality. (It seems to require starting the playback from the beginning--just resuming has never done it for me.)
Completely unimportant (except for that 4-out-at-a-time-at-3-out-at-a-time-price benny that, like a previous poster, I get), but fun to flash: December 1999. (It's kind of like checking out the date of the earliest email that I sent and that's archived in some place findable by a Google search.) Actually, I have the vague sense that I actually started using Netflix a bit earlier. I'm not sure that the "Member since" date isn't actually marking when the whole "all you can eat" (with N out at a time) thing started. When I started there was simply a charge per disk rented, or something similar. Can anyone else remember the details of the original model?