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I truly enjoyed this post. There was a lot of information in there that I did not know and some I just needed a refresher on. I do agree that our "english translations" are rather wimpy and I wish they would just be blunt and quit censoring the words that were actually used. Paul for instance would use some rather harsh words that most "proper christians" would turn their heads and be all "oh my goodness what did he say!" I want to read it raw just as it was preached/written/lived back then. I find that at times I get wimpy with my faith and need to re-adjust my ways or (I am fake like those who called themselves Jews in Paul's time) and I NEED and WANT to get back to the rawness (if that's a word) that is the Word of God. He is blunt and does not hide how he feels about the way we lead our lives and how we should be leading our lives. I'm calling myself out right now and saying that I need to be more straight up about my faith when situations arise and my faith comes into question. We (I) need to Cowboy Up! (as a buddy of mine says) in the way we lead our daily lives. Lord, help me to not lead such a sissy way of life and to live out loud genuinely, lovingly but bluntly towards others. Amen.
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Jul 7, 2011