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So glad there's nothing venomous here in the UK.. other than David Cameron of course.
As a Dad who has absolutely NO interest in cars (no, not even an innate appreciation) I am happy that I will be able to avoid this situation and never take my 18 month old to a car show. I'm willing to bet I'll get the same experience elsewhere though. Maybe a zoo or a fair. I've no idea what a churro is, but I can remember BEING that child who spent the whole day being told 'later' only to find the (crepe) stall closed. This was at an air show that my clueless dad took me to when I was 5. I have no interest in planes. I was SO bored. By the way, I think it's sad that there are almost no comments from dads on Crappypictures. Come on Mums, show this to your OHs!
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Dec 29, 2011