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I went to the Occupy San Jose 1st assembly yesterday. Instead of marching to City Hall, they decided by consensus what committees to form, then met in committees, then met again.Then said we will march to city hall.Milled around.Then me & hubby left(after waiting to march for 2.5 hr). They eventually did get to city hall plaza and 10 camped out. More power to them. Maybe the outreach committee should reach out to unemployed people who want to occupy the plaza. My question is:what to occupy in Silicon Valley? Facebook(no, they use that to organize)?Google?(they use Gmail)Apple? Hard to be anti-corporate when you need your handheld devices.
Here's the declaration!: "These grievances are not all-inclusive." Are they trying to sound like the Declaration of Independence, replacing King George with Corporations? I like consensus, but could you be more concise? Does declaration by committee have to be so long-winded? Who in the MSM is going to take time to read this?
Thanks for posting this article. Are the unemployed occupying Wall Street? Or is it just anarcho-kids? I saw an interview with one of the long-term unemployed on Russia Today and she was asked why aren't the unemployed taking to the streets. She replied they have no money so they are stuck at home.
So, where did they find this guy? Is he saying there are a bunch of traders who want to make money off Euro-failure? Goldman-Sachs is more powerful than governments? Thank you Hank Paulson,Tim Geithner,Robert Rubin, Larry Summers for making the world safe for Goldman-Sachs!
Yes, the Dems are not good enough. They are compromised by their reliance on corporate campaign funding, so can't articulate New Deal sentiments and mobilize the non-rich, so dependent they have become upon their corporate overlords. Sad.
Ted Rall had a good column about this on Sept 26: ...he says a lack of a coherent message will doom this protest. Jodi, I enjoy reading your blog. I found out about it after your interview with Doug Henwood.
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Sep 26, 2011