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The Quilt Girls of your Trues!!! I love, love, love them and want to see how you are integrating more oil pastels and the SCRAPING! I need to scrape. I want to scrape so much away right now. It would be amazing to be able to be in class :) Blessings, Noelle
The 23rd is my girlies 21st Birthday! Oh happy birthday to me it would be! <3 Ha! Art is creating. Creating is health for my soul. Mercy, it's help for me mind, body, spirit too! It fills me.
My favorite thing about Spring is ...actually having one! Being born in Fl and staying there all my life, I recently moved to Nashville & have truly experienced Spring for the first time. Experiencing the seasons is something I never want to do without again.
Would, love, love to take this class! I love her style.
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Keep encouraging the District. For what I can tell about you, they will take on emphasizing entrepreneurship before Grace gets through it! I am so unaware of these amazing programs and thankful they are there for parents, as well as the children. Grace is a beautiful young woman. It sounds like she will have a great adventure this year. I have not even been to the downtown library yet! Mercy.
...and it shows in everything you do Leisa. Beautiful.
I am so sorry to hear about your mom Leisa. She sounds wonderful and left a Legacy that will forever bless you and your daughter. I have perused through your blog quiet a bit the past year. I love your honesty. I couldn't see your living room that well in this post though!!! :) Ha! Well, hopefully we will meet up in 2013 woman!
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Wow, I have lived in Orlando all my life and I have never even heard of Grayton! I will have to look it up. Especially being an Offical Nashville resident now. :) Love, love, Love Allison's designs. Going to try and hit the Trunk Show! I pinned this, tweeted this and Liked it on the book of Face.
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Feb 28, 2012