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Reading cards by email is convenient for when schedules don't match. I've done a lot of readings by email, but I find that I actually spend as much (or more) time typing the 2-3 pages of my reading than I would have spent if I did it in person or via Skype, Google chat, or some other video conferencing tool. I know some readers who make an audio recording of their reading, upload it to a cloud server, and send a link to their client, but I've always preferred the face-to-face, even when it's just over a web-cam. I like that I'm able to adjust my reading on the fly for when unexpected questions come up or the client has something else that comes to mind. But I'm a fairly social person, so video conferencing is just a better fit for my reading style. Best wishes to you!
Any progress on your flute making? I've wanted to try (and once I did more than 10 years ago) but I haven't had much success. Just curious if you have any advice to pass on!
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Sep 17, 2013