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Kinsey is not a regular on RedEye. I am a religious watcher of the show and last night was the first time I saw her on there. There are plenty of better guests who function as both eye candy and brain candy. She only provided the former. Political pundits are deathly afraid of Sarah Palin being exposed as a regular person. They call her a quitter, when the reality is she didn't want to subject her state to the continuous frivolous lawsuits that the left kept saddling her with. They call her an opportunist for writing a book. The truth is that she has a background in journalism and her life story in Going Rogue was extremely compelling. I have a feeling that she will have the last laugh in the end.
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I found The Social Network to be a triumph of American capitalism. A guy armed with nothing but a laptop and an idea was able to launch something that is now valued at $25 billion. A kid who wasn't born into privilege was able to outdo others with a lot more means. Sure, every character is flawed and to varying degrees not likable, but in the end the person with the best idea can achieve things not possible anywhere but in America. This is a movie that is pretty inspiring in these tough times.
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This is simply unacceptable behavior. The arrogance (oops, according to Olbermann, that's a racist code word, but I digress) of Princess Pelosi is just appalling. This same Congress that is criticizing Bush's deficits while running up deficits that dwarf the ones under Bush is sending its Speaker from coast to coast on military jets that, judging by the booze tabs, appear to be nothing by flying parties. The odious actions of this Speaker cannot go on any longer. People are still losing their jobs while the public sector is growing. All the while, Congress has zero respect for taxpayer money. Should I be asking: How dare they? Or... Why am I not surprised?
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Jan 30, 2010