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The analogy of adoption to animals drowning in a pond is excellent. To save more lives, we need to assume that adopters will take good care of their pets. The majority of Americans adore their cats and dogs. We spend about $58 billion on our pets annually. Also, we need to remember that we don't set requirements for people before they are allowed to have children. We assume that parents will love their children and do the best they can for them. And if there is evidence the children are being abused or neglected, the government takes the children away from those parents. I think home inspections deter people from adopting. People feel like they are being judged for their housekeeping. The example given of someone not being approved because he didn't vaccinate an elderly dog is ridiculous. To me, that is a sign that this person valued the life of his dog. Looking at vet records is not necessarily a bad idea if common sense is used. Unfortunately that is in short supply at shelters that would rather kill than find homes for animals. Traditional shelters kill with the excuse that it is fault of the irresponsible public. We need to have faith that most adopters love and take good care of their pets. And then we need to pass better cruelty laws and actually enforce them.
I was using your term - "winning." One could just as easily say succeeding in our No Kill advocacy.
The apologists for the kill facility in Delaware talk about "No Kill extremists" all the time. We are "bullies" who "make people afraid to go adopt animals." Of course, that makes absolutely no sense. You're so right - their defensiveness does indeed show that we are winning.
Oops, I neglected in my post above to include the link to the story and the plaintiffs' complaint in the Delaware law suit:
Excellent article! I think it is important to point out that the "temperament tests" used at animal shelters are misused to justify killing. Tests such as pinching the paw of a terrified dog or pulling away a food bowl of a starving stray do not predict how a dog will behave when in a loving home. These tests are the means for pounds to designate dogs as "aggressive" and justify killing them. A law suit was filed yesterday in Delaware on killing a Pit Bull type dog in violation of CAPA, and the misuse of "temperament" tests are part of the case. The attorney allowed Animal Control to take away a friendly Pit Bull who followed his son home, and then tried to get her back, but she was already dead. The complaint is attached to my blog. One of the remedies is to require an independent monitor at KCSPCA to assure CAPA compliance. Another is to permanently enjoin KCSPCA from killing animals based on "temperament tests" that characterize cats and dogs as "aggressive" or "unadoptable." Also, the lawsuit seeks to mandate a 5 day period for rescues/shelters to pull an animal after the notification goes out to the Rescue Registry.
This is very thought provoking - and convincing.
Excellent article! I think it gets the concepts across brilliantly. I will share on FB and twitter. Thanks!
I agree with your point that there are opportunities to increase pet ownership among older demographics. I would add that seniors are good potential fosters, because it is a shorter term commitment. Also, since retirees may be home more, they are great for dogs and/or cats who need more attention. As for ownership, No Kill shelters should reach out to seniors and assure them that don't have to worry about their pet if something happens because he/she will be safe at the No Kill shelter and adopted to another good home.
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Nov 6, 2012