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I agree. This is one reason I wrote "This is your local animal shelter"
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2011 on This is your American shelter system at KC DOG BLOG
Spectacular news! It proves what Nathan Winograd has been saying all along and that is that shelter leadership is THE determining factor in whether a shelter will stop killing. Like so many other kill shelters, I am quite sure that before Stray Rescue took over, the city of St. Louis claimed that they could not stop killing.
I was incredibly stunned when I learned that BF had not supported Oreo’s Law and I kept waiting for some kind of explanation that would make sense. But, the statements I’ve read seem to contradict each other and most just don’t seem logical to me. And, it is irritating that they are blaming everyone else for their problems right now…. Winograd, Micah Kellner, Animal Ark, Mike Fry, PetsAlive….. I’m not at insider either but I’ve heard enough from the people who are on the inside to know that Best Friends’ “neutrality” had a lot, if not everything, to do with opening an office in New York. They know that NY is a wealthy city and they don’t think they can open an office, and rake in some of that money, without the support of the ASPCA and NYC Mayor’s Alliance. So of course, they are not going to do something that makes it look like they chose a “side” opposite of the ASPCA. I used to love Best Friends too. Over a number of years, I’ve donated to them and sponsored various animals there; I’ve gone to their conference; I'm on their email list; I get their magazine; I’m on their “network” and I’ve even advertised in their magazine…. I have friends who go to the sanctuary every year and tell me how great it is, or was….. some have noticed definite, unsettling changes there as well. No doubt that, in the past, BF has done some amazing things for animals, but they seem to want to rest on their laurels forever and you just can’t do that. You have to keep fighting for animals. Every battle that would save more animals should be fought regardless of who the other supporters/detractors are or if they are “fighting” amongst themselves. It should be fought regardless of our friends’ opinions. Oreo’s law was/is so desperately needed in every state, that to not support it and even try to sabotage it (I do believe Mike Fry when he said BF tried to persuade him to withdraw Animal Ark’s support), is just unconscionable to me. BF should just admit that they screwed up in a very big way, and try to regain some self-respect. I would certainly respect them more if they would just admit this and stop blaming others. I agree it would be wonderful if everyone collaborated, unfortunately that is not always realistic. Collaboration or not, we should each still pursue the goal of no healthy or treatable pet killed in a shelter. It also would be great if we all really did all want the same thing, but the sad fact is that we do not want the same things. If we did, shelters would not still be killing 3-4 million pets annually 15 years after Avanzino figured out how to stop it. All movements to gain justice or basic rights, such as the right to live, have been born out of struggle and yes, “divisiveness”. Those willing to take the bullet and be seen as divisive are the ones that will take this movement where it needs to be… to a place where it is unthinkable for shelters to kill healthy and treatable pets. Nathan posted a link to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham jail” in one of his blogs. I realize it is a different topic, but the parallels to what is going on within the no kill movement are remarkable. It’s long but very worth the read.
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Jun 30, 2010