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.........seems to me that their must be much corruption on both sides!!!!! Lawrence Nolan
Excuse me!..........How has the USA retained a relationship for over 50 yrs and not outright condemned the criminal Biya and all his cronies??????????? Lawrence Nolan
Mr Biya. Can you not see that it is you who is the "demon"? If you cared anything at all about your country and it's people you would step down! Of course you will not but will continue to pose as a democratically elected leader. Can you not see that your days are numbered? Hopefully one day you will be in the prison cell that you have put so many others in. Most of them were innocent but you are not!!!!!! Lawrence Nolan
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2008 on Dark Days In Cameroon at Up Station Mountain Club
Mr. Biya, I am a Canadiam who lived in your country for 4 years and left because of your ruthless dictatorship posing as a democratic country. You are a gangster and with time the youth of your country will depose you. Unfortunately you will order the death of so many of them! How many people have you indirectly killed over the years? How much money have you and your cronies embezzeled from the Cameroonian people? Do you not know that you will face God one day? Also you will have to face the youth of your country and hopefully one day you will be on trial for your corruption and crimes against humanity! Lawrence Nolan