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ott, obviously, the MOH trumps all other awards. However, I was wondering if the Marines decoration policy is similar to the USAF where one has to work NOT to receive an award: receiving a decoration is standard, not receiving a decoration is the red flag. On Fox, they were trying to imply that the "decorated" Marine sniper is equivalent to the MOH winner, which seems to be a stretch, but might work on an ill-informed civilian jury.
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From the linked article: "In October, the Army instituted “360-degree” officer evaluations, which require input from peers and subordinates, not only superiors." This seems like a good start, though also open to abuse, especially from peers competing for limited promotion slots who will probably have a tendency to talk trash about their comrades. However, this system might reduce the # of people who solely work for the dude who signs their performance reports & fobs off everyone else.
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I suppose the mature reaction to poor bosses is to learn from their failures & attempt to be a great boss when given the opportunity versus complaining anonymously about them behind their in a completely immature fashion.... I made the mistake to question one of my bosses directives. He dismissed by suggestion out of hand & told me to perform the task his way, which seemed reasonable. He then spent an hour publicly haranguing me after I agreed to follow his original directive, which seemed unreasonable. The next day, he then spent another full hour publicly haranguing me after I had already completed said task following his original directive, which seemed absolutely & completely unreasonable. I suppose he chewed me out in public either to set an example to others never to disagree with him, or to ferret out potential snitches. Afterwards, I just did my best to fly under the radar & avoid interacting with him as much as humanly possible, which could have been another one of his objectives.
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I share your skepticism. Currently, the US has a number of military to military contacts with Egypt (I went to school with Egyptian officers at AFIT). I suspect that "Westernized" officers will be weeded out to promote a pro-MB agenda in the future.
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ott, but why are the OIC & the Arab League considered legitimate organizations? Something called the Organization of Christian Countries or the Caucasian League would be, I suspect, considered racist & discriminatory.
As long as the Muslim Brotherhood are unapologetic Jewphobes, Christianphobes, & anyotherreligionthanIslamphobes, I shall remain an unapologetic Ikhwanophobe.
"Clearly, Obama despises the Jews and holds them in such complete contempt that he thinks he can say someting so completely and utterly untrue and false on its face and he expects the Jewish people will prostrate at his feet and say, 'please, sir, may I have some more."" In all fairness to Obama, he's ecumenical in his condescending contempt. He treats both Jews & Gentiles in this manner.
[begin cathartic rant/] completely ott, but I was annoyed with the DNC's official court jester, Jon Dhimmi Stewart, comparing the Muslim Brotherhood to, as he characterized it, "the equally scary sounding" YMCA in relation to the Egyptian elections. Hello, you muffin head, the YMCA doesn't have an official policy of burning down other people's houses of worship, kidnapping "infidels" then raping & killing them, you stupid jihadist apologist moron. Go ask Anwar Sadat's family what they think about the "progressive, liberal" brotherhood, you dhimmwitted doofus. [/end cathartic rant]
I suppose it illustrates what an ill-informed plebian that I am, but I've never even heard of #5 Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
Americans didn't cause the conditions in Germany in the '20s. Germans did. Really, the country that lost money as a result of WWI was the US. The US leant money to France & Britain during WWI. France & Britain demanded reparations from Germany to pay off their loans after the war. The US then leant money to Germany to help them pay off their reparations. Hitler then came to power & defaulted on his US loans. France & the UK followed suit & thus the US was left holding the bag. The US had 25% unemployment & rising food prices from the Midwest dustbowl yet managed to elect the Democrat Roosevelt versus supporting either Fascist or Communist military totalitarian dictators like the Europeans. is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 4, 2011