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Mill Valley, CA
molly and mary are on a journey...
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Thank you so much for your patience. We had such great intentions in starting this blog and our public journey brought us gifts that will be long lasting in our journey towards a non-disposable life. Unfortunately we both had to make the decision to let this blog go because our... Continue reading
:: molly:: This sister needs to slow down and I don't seem to have the tools. Meditation, daily power walks, rituals, screaming at the top of the mountain. I am stuck right now in my life, with out a moment to my self. Good busy, YES! With a lot of... Continue reading
Do you know how much water your family uses every day? every year? Can you use less? I use 95 gallons a day for 5 people. I want to use 1/2 of that, for starters. What are some tricks to save water? I have some of thoughts but will you... Continue reading
It saddens me to look at what happen with the plastic ban bill (AB1998) possibilities for California. When I heard about the bill not passing the day it happened, I tried to talk about it, but inside I felt alone and powerless. Beth Terry from fake plastic fish has so... Continue reading
::molly:: So I feel like my kitchen is in order and ready for some consistent good cooking, I still look in the refrigerator a lot and wonder what the hell to cook. Oh tortillas again? I don't think there is enough hours in the day for all the things Im... Continue reading
::molly:: Friends, I'm really excited about my new line Ambatalia, to the market. It was totally inspired by my inspiration, struggle and awareness in my journey towards you know what. I'm giving away a set of origami bulk and produce bags. I would love for you to join in the... Continue reading
::molly:: This journey towards a non disposable life is guiding me to know more about the food that feeds my family. I'm so curious and I'm seeing more and more each day. Where does our food come from and who are the people that make this happen? The packaging becomes... Continue reading
::Molly:: Foraging through the summer's gifts, I have to constantly pause to actually notice them. I have to say this past couple of months have been a roller coast ride in my journey. I have had some negative responses about using my own containers in some of my life long... Continue reading
Even though I have a lot of fear around the waste we create and how many people don't know even how to look at it. I'm finding myself wanting to know more on a deeper level. Seeing other people's journeys is what makes my journey even more powerful. Had to... Continue reading
This looks like a beautiful project. Im noticing in my journey, for the most part less packaging means more real food. Continue reading
::mary:: Not only am I now in the groove of making loose-leaf tea {found the BEST genmaicha in bulk at Rainbow Grocery...} in the french press as my morning ritual, but now am discovering that fresh herbs from my yard or one of my favorite local farms {Marin Roots Farm}... Continue reading
Right, the lesser evil, eh? I do feel stuck at times with only that solution as I dont have time to make the journey to another better store. makes planning essential (which is not always the way it can be, however). Thanks for sharing... :)
Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, Stephanie!
Hi Kathleen- I like your idea about talking with the sustainability person for Mill Valley. Also, I have had the exact same cheese experience. Petaluma seems like the only option (good price, not organic, we buy it as it is local- hope they can get in the organic!) and I am wondering how Rainbow Grocery can get such amazing local cheeses (Sierra Nevada Cream Cheese! wow!) AND put them in compostable containers and WF cant get on the ball. We shall see... and yes, $25/lb is not an option unless we are entertaining someone REAL special :) So pair that frustration with trying to get something without a plastic wrapper and it will basically make me not want to eat cheese (or get a couple of goats). Anyway, glad to know you are also on it and hopefully together and even with others in town we can make some changes...:)
Hey Mary- I always wonder about whole foods... never feel totally great leaving there the way I do when I leave Rainbow... thanks for the sweet words. together everything is easier :)
that is beautiful... thanks Molly!
::mary:: Well, if you haven't noticed, it has been a while... A bit of busy mixed with whirlwind and an added dash of some intense project work and multi-tasking makes for some poor attendance of contemplation and writing! Big apologies if you have been following and wondering... This is the... Continue reading
HI Amy- The plastic scrub brush actually has replaceable heads that I keep having to purchase to upkeep it. Rather than not perpetuating that cycle, after the last head was basically used til destruction, I donated it. It is not one brush that is new that will stay new forever. Thanks for your question.
:: molly:: In order for me to continue on this journey I know I have to bring discipline into my life. It hasn't been easy, because living in chaos has been such a lifestyle for me from an early age (long story), keeping things in order and having a routine... Continue reading
so great! I love them... how did you get the doilies to stay on the fabric? sunny, cheery and beautiful!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on curtains (finally!) at Farmama
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yes, I just left it out on the counter. put it right in from the farmers market and kept it there for a few days without any wilting! Hurray! i feel like it is always a race against time to make the kale before it wilts, but this buys me a few days for sure! (I did recut the stems a tiny bit before putting in water, like flowers...)
Oh, thanks so much for finding us! I just look at your space and it is so inspiring! I am also going to spend some time reading your back posts as well. While we are focusing on all packaging, plastic is definitely the main one we are trying to eliminate. If we are not able to find items without packaging, paper or cardboard or glass are a better option for sure (and one we use often as we reuse all of the glass containers and the paper can compost or recycle). We are being gentle in our transition (i.e. I cant seem to live without my goat products so until I find a source, I am allowing myself to purchase those evil plastic bottles of goat milk), but a plastic fast sounds awesome. Thanks for being inspirational!
Oh, thank you so much for this resource. I have seen that book, but dont own it. Off to the library I go and I will try this as I so miss sprouted bread and would LOVE to learn to make it at home. Thanks again for this!
You made me laugh with the old lady in the city comment! I have seen folks at the market with those and wonder if it is worth it. I may have to try and find one... :) Thanks for your support of our blog!
It is a slow and dutiful process, I am finding, as my family still has to be able to function at the same time. Clearing the cabinets definitely cleared my head, though. So did cleaning out my freezer! :) Now I have room for all of the good stuff i can make and freeze to make my own convenience foods right? :) thanks for reading! You are also one very inspiring mama... :)