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Very interesting article. As was your previous one on the 3rd. Would it be possible to use higher resolution photos in the future? It is quite difficult to read some of the letters. Thanks for all the work you put in to sharing these snippets.
And there is the ongoing debate about "Taking Offense" first published in 1870. The Mary Baker Eddy Library wrote about it in it's most recent newsletter. A portion of the newsletter-- Many critics of Eddy have charged her with plagiarism in an attempt to discredit her ideas. One of the most frequent accusations is that the article “Taking Offense,” included in Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, was not actually written by Eddy and was instead plagiarized by her. “Taking Offense” was first published in Godey’s Lady’s Book in February 1870, where it appeared anonymously. On April 14, 1883, it was published anonymously in the first issue of The Christian Science Journal, and later in June 1886 was excerpted in the Journal with the preface “SOMEBODY has written these wise words.” The essay was then gathered and included, along with many other articles of Eddy’s, in the first issue of Miscellaneous Writings in 1897. In 1901, several of Eddy’s articles were included in a thirty-volume compilation titled Masterpieces of Great Literature. Irving Tomlinson, Eddy’s secretary, was in charge of selecting which of her writings would be sent for inclusion, and selected “Taking Offense.” When Eddy received the final published compilation, her only comment was that she was “a little surprised to find so many of her articles in it” (L10241). Researchers have worked extensively, most recently using the tools of the Internet, to find further references to this, but have not found any other instances of its publication, or any further clues as to its authorship. Although no one ever charged Eddy with plagiarizing this piece while she was alive, in 1929, critics began to claim that Eddy had not, in fact, written “Taking Offense.” They cited the anonymous publications of the article in both Godey’s Lady’s Book and the Journal as proof. Peel makes the same claim in his biography. The truth is that the authorship of the article is still unknown. Given, however, its publication in multiple sources under Eddy’s name during her lifetime, we strongly suspect that the article was written by her.
Going backwards. 10. Judge Hanna was speaking of Ira Knapp. To Judge Hanna's credit, he said that they were "beyond [his] comprehension, until I took up the study of this book for myself" (Destiny of The Mother Church, pg. 148) He was a consistent and persistent student of the Bible and of all of Mrs. Eddy's writings. His understanding of the Bible was deep and clear. He made a special study, I remember, of the Book of Revelation, and at times would give me interpretations of its spiritual meaning which were beyond my comprehension, until I took up the study of this book for myself, and then in some measure, at least, I was enabled to see as he saw. His knowledge, also, of our Leader's teaching was unusually profound. He arrived at his conclusions and conceptions only after the most painstaking study, never holding to hasty or superficial views, which often prove so mischievous. This made him a true Christian Scientist and a sage counselor. 9. 8. From Joseph Armstrong's The Mother Church, pg. 76 The archway leads by five marble steps into a small lobby, brightened by electric lamps, artistically hidden behind the high cornice. The light illuminates the vaulted ceiling, and reflects a soft color, from the rose-tinted walls, upon the white door, with its golden knob. Above the door, in letters of gold on a white marble tablet, is the word LOVE. Near the ceiling on each side, are three small stained-glass casements, admitting enough light from two outside windows, in the two dressing-rooms, to bring out the glazed colors, and enhance the general effect. Inlaid with different-colored stones, in the mosaic landing before the door, may be read: MOTHER'S ROOM, THE CHILDREN'S OFFERING.
10. Frances Thurber Seal
7. Mary Baker Eddy: Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science by Louise A. Smith (pg. 108) 9. Bliss Knapp describes that scenario in Destiny of The Mother Church: "In July, 1898, the Lessons for the morning service began to appear in practically the same form as they now are, and on the same subjects selected by Mrs. Eddy that are still in use. The afternoon or evening service continued to follow the International Series. In April, 1900, the International Series was discarded entirely, and the second service became a repetition of the morning service." (pg. 39)
1. One of them is William Shakespeare, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." From Hamlet. S&H iii:4 2. S&H 554:20 Marginal Heading 3. S&H ix:16 4. "1867 and 1868", S&H ix:28 5. "History of Medicine for the last 4000 years" loosely titled by Mrs. Eddy as "History of Four Thousand Years of Medicine" was by Rufus K. Noyes and published in 1880. 6. Concordance to S&H
Might it be Martha Harris Bogue, not Blanche Hersey Bogue?
Are you sure about #11?
1. M. Adelaide Still 2. William L. Johnson 3. Emma Easton Newman 4. 5. Laura Lathrop 6. 7. 8. William B. Johnson 9. 10. Hermann Hering 11. 12. Be careful with your mouse, don't put it over the pictures.
1. 1891 in a letter to Augusta Stetson 2. 3. February 15, 1889. "Science and Christianity" It was her only public talk in New York. More than a thousand are reported to have attended the last minute lecture. 4. Hymn #1 5. 6. 7. 8. Address at Annual Meeting, June 6, 1899, My 131:17 9. 10. Hymn #10, Based on Martin Luther's Hymn, "EIN' FESTE BURG"
From Minnie Weygandt's Reminiscence: She [Mrs. Eddy] liked pies herself, frequently eating apple, lemon, squash or custard pie, though she did not care for berry or mince pies. However, there was a member of the family who liked mince pie and that was Calvin Frye. He could have eaten it for breakfast if it was around - and sometimes he did.
Great post and pictures. Pop quiz: What was Calvin's favorite kind of pie? A picture for a hint: Regarding the 1897 Riley story -- do you mean you haven't been able to verify it? Or haven't been able to find an account outside of Arthur Corey. The first story regarding the leaden bullet sounds a bit too much like S&H 358:2. Unfortunately I have a hard time trusting anything that comes out of Corey's mouth. All this strips away the mystery surrounding death leaving the wonderful assurance, as Mrs. Eddy puts it in Miscellaneous Writings: "Man is not annihilated, nor does he lose his identity, by passing through the belief called death. After the momentary belief of dying passes from mortal mind, this mind is still in a conscious state of existence; and the individual has but passed through a moment of extreme mortal fear, to awaken with thoughts, and being, as material as before." (Mis. 42:5-10)
Thank you for the post. It helps to clarify.
I love the photographs and am looking forward to seeing more originals. To solve the mystery - the unidentified woman on the left is likely Ella Rathvon.
The reference I made was to the chapter on Demonology, from the third edition: "It is not disputed by those who know us that the advantage of being the discoverer and founder at this period of metaphysical healing gives us a thorough understanding of mental power, and the ability of wielding it, beyond what we can develop in a student with but one to our many years of experience." 3rd edition, Vol. 2, pg. 33
3. 1st Edition, 1875. 5. S&H 679:19, G. B. P. of Henry, South Dakota quoted the secret motto. 6. "Here I stand. I can do no otherwise; so help me God! Amen!" -- Martin Luther, pg. 268 (Science of Being). 9. In one edition of the Powell Biography, Calvin Frye was removed from the picture. 10. Laura Sargent. 11. Spike. 12. Judge Septimus J. Hanna and his wife Camilla. 13. Rev 3:7,8 on pg. 499 & 579. "Key to the Scriptures" and "Glossary" 16. Mis 463 - 470, "How to Understand Science and Health", originally appeared in August 1896 Journal. 18. Could it be "A. F. BLUNDELL" from the August 15, 1903 Sentinel? 19.Thanksgiving Dinner, Mis 230:26 [First published 1864 in Lynn Bay State] 20. The cross & healing, Mis 357:11 21. The Concord Monitor. 23. 1881? 3rd edition S&H? Still left are 8, 15, 22, and any I get wrong!
Outstanding post! Thank you.
To fill in the holes- 1. 0 in S&H, 2 in Prose Works 8. Don't know -- but Rolling Away the Stone comes from Mis 179:19-23 9. The third vol. of The National Cyclopedia of American Biography 11. The building fund fair of 1887 12. 5'6" 15. Carpenter's description: "The book bearing this title was included in Mrs. Eddy’s library and contained Genesis I and II, Exodus XX, Isaiah complete and Malachi complete"
#7) Separately, what is the source for Mrs. Eddy’s published statement, “Purity is the baptism of scientific Christianity”? The Lynn Semi-Weekly Reporter from February 1, 1871 It is mentioned in Peel's Years of Discovery, at the bottom of pg. 245. #11) Which of the “major” editions of Science and Health is the rarest? The 226th #12) What of significance was missing from the first printing of Science and Health in German in 1912? Also what did it include by Mrs. Eddy that is not in the standard English-language version Fruitage was removed because of size constraints. I'm not sure what of Mrs. Eddy's was added. Norman Beasley wrote this in Continuing Spirit: The typographic plan called for each page in German to face its corresponding page in English. Inasmuch as more space is needed to say in German what is said in English, the problem was immediate. Complicating the problem was the fact that each page in Science and Health has numbered lines. The problem was solved by using slightly smaller type and larger leading so as to print on each page the same subject matter. A second problem was encountered in the running heads at the top of each page. Ordinarily the title of the book is placed at the top of the left page and the chapter title at the top of the right page. In the German translation, both book title and chapter title are on each page. Because of these double running heads, Wissenschaft und Gesundheit, the German translation of Science and Health, is a rarity in book manufacture. "Fruitage" was added to the German translation on July 17, 1937.
I'll start with an easy one. #5) Why did a Christian Science branch church have the word “purity” engraved on its cornerstone? The engraving was probably inspired by Mrs. Eddy's statement in Science and Health: "We should strive to reach the Horeb height where God is revealed; and the corner-stone of all spiritual building is purity." (241:24)
Worthy challenge! 1 + 2) ? 3) 175 Poplar St. Roslindale, MA. Mrs. Eddy's home during the Summer of 1891. Later occupied by the Armstrongs. 4) Frank Streeter. Mrs. Eddy's lawyer in the Woodbury and Next Friends suits. 5) Could that be John Dittemore? 6) The connection of the two items could be from Mrs. Eddy's book "Christ and Christmas." James Gilman wrote in his diary the following (pg. 18). Presumably the Norton book she showed him was "The New World." March 18, 1893. —Went up to Pleasant View to talk with Mrs. Eddy about some conceptions of designs. Found her in grief because of the way some things appeared to be going in Boston. At this interview she showed me an illustrated poem written by Phillips Brooks which was beautifully gotten up, the opening lines of which read; "O little town of Bethlehem "How fair I see thee lie." This beautiful poem and book gave me a very good idea of the excellent illustration work Mrs. Eddy had in mind when asking if I could undertake the illustration work for the Christ and Christmas poem for her. She also showed me an illustrated poem by Carol Norton which contained two or three illustrations that appeared very good. 7) Could that be a younger Stephen Chase?
Yes! But what a relief it was to be rid of that mustache-beard combination.
1) Captain Joseph Eastaman 2) Julia Bartlett 3) Josephine C. Woodbury 4) Calvin A. Frye 5) William B. Johnson 6) Augusta Stetson That was quick! Where is this house?
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