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Happy New Year Jeff. I'm going to miss stopping in every now and then to leave a post, a joke, or just to heckle you a bit. See you in the funny papers my friend (or the Armchair). Nora-Adrienne
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Jan 1, 2018
Hey Jeff, I totally agree with the snow comments. Did you know that 1 inch of rain = 10 inches of snow? So if the weather stayed above let's say 35 degrees all winter you'd only need a rain coat and galoshes to get around. LOL
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The "Little Gray Cells" are still keeping you in mind. Wont be bothering with the awards show since Ellen is still an Avel and can't listen to music. Enjoy the show though and I'm sure you'll report to all of us with your very pithy remarks.
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To be quite honest, I'd rather win the lottery. Then I could just afford to leave the country for four years if the candidate of my choice doesn't win. LOL
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I totally understand that comment "Were Jewish". Here in Brooklyn, many Chinese restaurants have been known to close in honor of Yom Kippor. Especially since the bulk of their customers are supposedly fasting. LOL Thanks for the quick critique of all the movies. We don't go out to movies that often. We will be seeing the new Steampunk Sherlock film, and I'll probably go to see Tin Tin with a friend, since my partner never read the book when she was growing up. Whatever you end up seeing I hope you all enjoy it, and the chance to spend a day together as a family.
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It's too late E.J.. shipped mine out on 3/31, although when I'll get it is anybody's guess right now. I am looking forward to it because I enjoyed the first book.
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Apr 3, 2011