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Norah Chandler
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It is starting to get hotter outside so I'm thinking about my AC more often. Do you have advice for using your AC efficiently? It is probably important to change the vents. What else should I do? Norah Chandler |
I agree that working as a CNA is a great way to explore medical careers and see if it is a good fit. It is also a career where you really get the chance to help other people. It is hard work, but it is rewarding. Norah Chandler
Thanks for the advice about hiring and electrician and preparing for electrical work in your home. Electrical work is something you should always have a professional do, because amateurs can make dangerous mistakes. I think that your advice about making extra room ahead of time makes things easier for everyone. Norah Chandler |
Thanks for pointing out the health risks associated with leaving a plumbing problem unsolved. Standing water does pose real dangers to health. Calling a professional to deal with the situation is an efficient way to solve the problem. Norah Chandler |
Gold prices seem like they've skyrocketed recently. It is still a great long term investment. Do you have advice for someone who wants to start buying gold, but doesn't have a lot to invest? Norah Chandler |
Do you have tips for choosing the right material for your roof? What kind of material do you need if you live someplace that gets very hot? Is there another material that is good for snowy areas? Norah Chandler|
I didn't realize that electric motors needed rare earth metals. Has anyone found a synthetic alternative or a more common metal that can be used for the same things? Where do the rare earth metals that are used in the motors come from? Norah Chandler |
Thanks for the unique idea. I knew there were plenty of cars with key-less entry, but i didn't know it was an option for garage doors as well. That is very convenient. Norah Chander |
I once had a friend who tried to repair their brake pads on their own. While they eventually succeeded, it took an incredibly long time. He decided from then on that it would be worth the money to simply take it to a mechanic for the quick repair. Sometimes mechanics can do things in minutes that take other hours. Norah Chandler |
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May 8, 2014