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Norris Krueger
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Garr, I wish that you would not sing the praises of.a guy too lazy to think up an original website. Behind The Brand is a long-established entity started by serial entrepreneur Jennifer Walsh. Given it's in a different industry, I doubt that Bryce is is trying to piggyback on Jennifer's success. However, Behind the Brand seems an odd choice. Regardless, was he lazy in picking the name? Or?? Not very zen, I fear..
The evolution makes sense from a couple of perspectives - sounds like the evolution of great design, doesn't it? But the first thing that struck me is that it parallels how the scripts and maps of an expert evolve. Novices have a simplistic script, then as we grow we get really complicated, then the expert ends up with blindingly simple (if only to them) scripts. Hope your 2010 absolutely rocks! (and cheers to Tina & Tom at STVP) NK
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Dec 22, 2009