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Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier, Vermont, USA
Interests: blogs, Internet, writing, poetry, journalizing, chess, outdoors, farming, homelessness, housing, mental health, mental illness, psychiatric survivors, ptsd, depression, bi-polar, anxiety, panic, recovery, self-determination, politics, philosophy, music, spiritually, transcendence, peace, justice, activism, tai chi, runes, norse mythology, history, culture, food, Norwegian, Norway, Scandinavia, vikings
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behind the scenes glimpse of future Shumlin campaign whiteboard TV ad? (parody):
I cannot believe the Brian Dubie campaign either released a press release or otherwise are making such a huge fuss over something so trivial. Makes one wonder if, since his gubernatorial campaign has recently linked to the Vermont Watch 'Sampling Old Fashioned McPolitics Route 302 Style' blog post on its Website news page, should I then issue a press release and make a huge fuss concerning it as well? I should think not! (that said, tweeting a sarcastic tweet as well as posting a parody-laced comment about it all it might deserve).
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2010 on Brian Dubie conquers Facebook at Vermont View
When I bumped into Anthony Pollina at the Montpelier Farmers' Market this past Saturday, I briefly spoke with him about his considering running for the state senate and he asked me what I thought about his running in the Democratic Primary. This actually surprised me a little, since I had figured he might do so as a Progressive or an Independent, especially at this level; which is very different than running for a statewide office. While I told him I understood his doing so and that it would probably work out, I also mentioned that I thought he could do it as a Progressive or an Independent and still probably have a good chance of being elected as such as well.
Kansas? How about India? Considering how the current administration and its cronies operates, maybe they will rename and also retool the rag: i.e., Vermont GOP Life.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2009 on That's Life at Blurt: The Seven Days Staff Blog
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